Tuesday , Nov , 30 , 1999 C.Y. Ellis


General/Summary: This is a pleasent new way to approach basketball simulation, but unfortunately too many problems that just ruins the whole game. Nba Shootout 2003 has however improved a lot since 2001. with the right analog stick making it easy to perform crossovers. The problem is that this game still lacks compared to other basketball titles out (live and 2k). The graphics, gameplay and commutary have all improved but still are terrible compared to other b-ball games. Overall this game is a poor nba live knockoff and will never be the best b-ball game out there.


Gameplay: Offensive gameplay is very strong, but it does has very annoying problems that needs to be fixed. one of the most annoying aspect of the game is that the shots goes in too easily. Comp uses this aspect very well. You end up seeing Comp using ben wallace taking 60 shots and making 40 of them by taking fade away, and only way to stop this is block. Defense is just horrible. You cant stop the offensive player, you just cant. the only way to stop a shot is to block them, and this is too frequent in deed. if you play 12 min per quarter, you end up with 20 blocks by first half. otherwise.. players will just shoot over you and score very easily. Besides these problems, the game is very realistic is pace, rebounds, and just about everything else.

Graphics: All aspects of this game look three years old at best. You can get away with this (ie High Heat Baseball) if you have good gameplay but I think I mentioned how bad that is.

Sound: Average commentary. Court sounds and atmospheric effects are below par and lack any real personality.

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