Tuesday , Jun , 17 , 2003 C.Y. Ellis

NCAA March Madness 2003

General/Summary: NCAA March Madness 2003 is probably one of the best college basketball games out on the market this year. It has pretty good graphics and many more options then last years so it has much potential to be a great game next year but you will spend many hours occupied with this one to pass time this basketball season.

Gameplay: The gameplay I found was very smooth. The dynasty mode was very good compared to last years madness not even having a season mode. But it still lacks the depth of most Ea Games.The new freestyle mode adds a lot to the creativeness of actual sports junkeys like me and keeps you occupied longer.

NCAA March Madness 2003

The graphics were done extremly well just about all of the animations look realistic except for players sometimes appear to be a little stiff and the stadiums could have had a more unique feel but overall the graphics were pretty good.

Sound: The sound was done fairly well but it got extremly repetitive in the commentary. But the commentary on your teams hot and cold streaks was a nice pregame addition. But the should spend more time breaking downthe game in the pregame and highlighting players like in NcAA Football to add to the depth of the commentary for next years game. The games addition of more fight songs was a nice touch as well.

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