Monday , Jun , 09 , 2003 C.Y. Ellis

Tony Parker vs. Jason Kidd

This match-up has been the talk of the NBA Finals 2003. With all the rumors about Kidd going to San Antonio after this season and Tony Parker being the 4th youngest player in Finals history. These two have been one of the focal points of the series, along with Duncan and Martin, and while Duncan and Martin have more or less played each other fairly even, Tony Parker has thoroughly outplayed Kidd.

Tony Parker vs. Jason Kidd

Jason led the Nets to their Game 2 win with 30 points, but had only 3 assists, Parker meanwhile has been consistently getting by Kidd and into the lane, drawing fouls from the Nets big guys and setting up Duncan and Robinson with easy buckets.

Sure Parker makes some bad mistakes but this is only his second year, Kidd is beginning the end of his career and probably won’t develop a reliable jump shot in the next couple years, Parker has got time to refine his game and become absolutely unstoppable. With his range and quickness Parker is not only a step quicker then Kidd but much more of an outside threat. Of course Jason Kidd is the best point guard in the league when out on a fast break, with his vision and size, he can get a teammate a easy hoop or drive it in himself. The problem with Kidd has been his running of the half court set offence, while Parker runs off pick and rolls with Duncan, and hits step back threes, Kidd led the Nets to an absolutely disgraceful 77 points in Game Three. A game in which there were few fast breaks and it was more of a grind it out half court style of play that you usually get in a NBA Finals series.

Parker seems much more comfortable in the half court then does Kidd. If the Nets have any shot at winning this series then need to take advantage of Kidds’ size advantage on Parker and post up Kidd, with his court vision and awareness, the Nets would be able to get many more open or easy baskets. Letting Kenyon Martin go one-on-one against Spurs big men can only carry you so far.In the end I think not only will the San Antonio Spurs be lifting another NBA Championship banner, they should also be getting Jason Kidd out of their heads, and realize the got one of the best young point guards in the game right in front of them.