Monday , May , 14 , 2007 C.Y. Ellis

Philip Champion AKA Hot Sauce

Name: Philip Champion aka Hot Sauce
Hometown: Atlanta, GA
Position: Flare
Favorite Court: Any
Birthday: June 16th, Year ?
Height: 6’1″
Weight: 160

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Philip Champion AKA Hot Sauce

1. All Street ball Franchise (5) Players: Me, 50, Flight, Spider, Violator

2. Many say that true street ballers only come from New York City. How does being from Atlanta influence the way you play? I just hold it down and hold my own

3. Do you have any superstitions or pre-game rituals? Yeah, I go on the court with my shoes untied

4. What do you want to be remembered for? I want to be remembered for being myself all the time.

5. Shout outs and famous last words? I want to shout out my family in Jacksonville, my girl, her family, and all my people from around the way.



Philip Champion AKA Hot Sauce is one of the most popular growing streetballers ever. He started off on the And1 Mixtape Volume 3 and has now become a superstar. He is originally from Brooklyn, New York. He was charged with a misdemeanor crime and he could either pay his fine or serve his time. Mark Edwards, a friend of Hot Sauce who worked for And1 got him out of jail and moved him to Atlanta.

From there on he blew up and became well known in playgrounds all over America. He has embarrassed the likes of former Arizona point guard now center fielder for the Cleveland Indians Kenny Lofton, Jaquez Green, Reidel Anthony, and Derek Bell. Not to mention all of the ballers on the And1 mixtape. If Hot Sauce keeps making unique moves like The Hypnotizer, The Boomerang, The Hurricane and The Flinstone Shuffle he will be the most known streetballer since Skip To My Lou.

Philip Champion A.K.A. Hot Sauce is the most asked about street balla since Rafer "Skip To My Lou" Alston. The reason he’s become so popular is because people just can’t believe the handle. Featured in And 1 mix tape volume 3, this balla impressed everyone including the HoopsRUs.Net staff. Hot Sauce claims to have over one hundred moves, and has even given them colorful names such as "The Hypnotizer", "The Windmill", and possibly the most famous of all "The Boomerang".

HoopsRus.Net had Hot Sauce pull out some of his rare moves such as the "Slow MO Cross" where he hits you with fast crossovers, and then all of a sudden his whole body slows to a crawl. Sauce has a version of "The Bowling Ball" which is different from the one "Trix’s" uses, yet still impressive. His wingspan makes his cross over extremely effective. He’s able to anticipate opponents leaning, which is when they get done.

Defenders need not feel bad, they aren’t the first and won’t be the last to be embarrassed by Sauce. His jumper is a little awkward, more of a set shot but it is very effective and he has no problem getting his own shot. This six foot one, one hundred and seventy pound point guard is silky smooth in everything he does on the court and his flamboyant game keeps defenders from playing him too closely.

His creativity on the fly is incredible. His court awareness and vision rivals the streetball Gods. We have watched him set up defenders like a magician sets up his audience up for the payoff. Putting on a show is what he lives for on the court, especially in front of an audience.

During our Ballaz Weekend Extravaganza, Hot Sauce won the admiration of all of the Professional Athletes that played in the Celebrity Game. Before the game "Sauce" dazzled Derek Bell (Pittsburgh Pirates), Kenny Lofton (Cleveland Indians), Jaquez Green (Tampa Bay Buccaneers) and Reidel Anthony (Tampa Bay Buccaneers) with his free style dribbling. Jaquez Green wanted the challenge of guarding Sauce. Green, Wide receiver by trade has great footwork and was up to task.

"Sauce" broke him down a few times but Jaquez got his as well. Then it was Kenny Lofton’s turn, Lofton, who played point guard for Arizona didn’t fare as well. Sauce hit him with three hard cross overs that left him standing there. Our staff writers have been streetball fans for years and we haven’t seen a buzz like this about a player since "Skip To My Lou" was fifteen years old. In a short time he has become a streetball legend. He has yet to prove himself in the streetball wars in New York City, but he came to play and show why The "Sauce" is "Hot"


Dogs – size 101/2
Rocks Doo Rag, shorts sagging, and always earrings on the court.
The Move – The Boomerang
Loves to beat – The crowd
Player wanted to be growing up – Isiah Thomas and M.J.
Lives with – My manager
Listens to – R&B, Drag-On, Hot Boyz, Sisqo, R. Kelly
Always reads – Slam, the Source, Vibe, ESPN
Eats at – Applebee’s
If you weren’t ballin’- Comedy
Hangs at – The mall
Rides in – No ride, yet
Rolls with – J-man, Bubba, Robbie, B.J., and sometimes Solo
The Greatest: Muhammad Ali
Honey: Honey
Rucker: Entertainment
Dinner: Collard greens, neckbone, mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, chicken, cornbread, and Kool-Aid
Legit: The Flintstone Shuffle
Summer Time: Trying to make it to Rucker
Ugly: Whoever is trying to guard me
Kobe: Jordan’s twin
Vince: Spring time
A.I.: Finesse
KG: Too nasty
Played out: Nothing
Love: Embarrassing people
Punk-ass: Act like they can take you, but they can’t
Best Runs: Run ‘N Shoot
And1: For life