Wednesday , May , 16 , 2007 C.Y. Ellis

Shane Woney AKA the dribbling machine

Shane Woney AKA the dribbling machineCurrent member of the Ball4Real Tour

Name: Shane Woney

Home Town: Bronx, NY

Current Residence: Bronx, NY

Position: Guard

Favorite Court: Sousa Park

Height: 6′ 10"

Weight: 155

High School: Salesian High School (1990-94) where he played in the New Rochelle Class B Championship

College: West Chester Community College (1994-96) where he was named 2nd team All-American Conference MVP in 1996 – the day his son was born.

Other Experience: Shane joined the AND 1 Mix Tape Tour in 2001 and starred in the ESPN TV series Streetball from 2002 through 2006.

Earned Street Name: From MC and renowned Rucker Park legend, Duke Tango, who said he dribbled like a “machine”.

Shane says: “What I love about streetball is the freedom and atmosphere of the games. I love to play everywhere and anywhere, I just love the game. Now I am stepping up my game off the court because I am one of the owners of the Tour – I am part of something big – a legacy to leave my kids and the fans.”