Tuesday , Jul , 15 , 2003 C.Y. Ellis

Nike Air Force One (AF1) Low

The Nike Air Force One Low, (as you can notice and I am sure that at least as a real basketball player, you own a pair and so do your lady); are designed just below the ankle.
The Nike air force one, are more a summer model and at least the women just like their player have their specific colours and sizes (compared to a pair of Nike Air Force One Mid or Hi).

Nike Air Force One (AF1) LowIndeed, in the heat of the summer, it is more comfortable to attack the playgrounds with a cool pair of Low Air Force. In addition, for your information, the Nike Air Force One Low models are most of the time released between April and July, wonder why 🙂

The Nike Air Force One low, exist in leather and canvas. Nike has released so many models and limited edition in the Nike Air Force Low, such as the AF1 Valentine special edition for your sweethearts! And the beautiful leather Pink and Black, a special lady’s edition…

Nike knows that more and more women are also going into the basketball playground (just take a look at the WNBA) and the Nike Air Force One Low are more stylish to a women ankle than a pair of AF1 Mid or Hi, but still cute to me anyway, it brings back that break dance 80’S Hip Hop era. They are also worn by many "fashion victims" and hip hop urban culture fans It is just that women won’t have as many choices and sizes in the Air Force One Mid or Hi, than in the Lows, that’s why Nike released so many colours (pink canvas …etc) and opened the Nike Air Force Low to a feminine market! In addition, it allows you as a basketball player to offer a pair to your sweetheart 🙂

Now, concerning the men models, just take a look at the pictures …one of the latest release by Nike for the men Air Force One low, for this summer are the Nike Air Force One Low Notting Hill Carnival, special edition. This model symbolise, the famous Jamaican carnival held every year in the Notting Hill, district in London. The colour reflect strangely a Jamaican Flag or simply the Caribbean 🙂

One of the most exclusive models is still to me the HTM series, in chocolate or black (see picture) with prices up to $ 350.00 for a pair.

Please check our picture gallery, we will soon have some very limited edition of Nike Air Force One Low and Mid, especially for HoopsVibe.com. Of course this model wille available in very limited sizes and quantites, so please come back often, first come first served! 

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