Sunday , Jul , 18 , 2004 C.Y. Ellis

Why are the Retros Nike sneakers so in Fashion today ?

What does Retro mean ?  A remake of a classic. The chance to show back the old pair of sneaker you owned back in the days, a model brought back to the general demand to satisfy a sneaker hunger, or maybe to start one ? haha!

Why are the shoe companies , like Nike are just re-releasing  80’S and early 90’S models ? 

  1. Money matter ?

  2. Fashion call?

  3. Hip Hop or basketball trend ?

  4. Marketing strategy, by the Nike headquarters?

For most  of us and all the buyers out there a retro edition of an 80’S model means:

– A second chance to buy that pair we wanted so much when we were young
– A rebirth of a stolen childhood maybe,  through your feet.
– Retros are a symbol of time and certainly of the social class you belong to…
– They are expensive and wanted
– Models, actors wear them 
– Vintage nike sneakers are now on the cover of fashion magazines! 

The retro sneakers are most of a the time a classic, that has been brought back to life. Who wouldn’t want that second chance to buy something that’s always been on a shoe nut’s wish list.

  • In 1999, Nike re-released the famous Nike Air Jordan IV in black/red, ten years since the original release.An opportunity for every Michael Jordan Nike shoe fan to complete his or her  Collection.

  • Every new remake of the Nike Air Jordan I, released back in 1994 and again in 1999 and 2002 and 2003, Japan limited colours and series, made everyone spend their last pennies !

But Why , would we get crazy on those re edition of old school Kicks?

Because they are exaclty the same as when we were young , and we need to  have them for the collection, right? And you would certainly realize that the pair you didn’t buy is only going to end up in someone else’s hands. Probably some high school freshman who doesn’t know a thing about kicks, and is only wearing them for gym. 

I think that Nike lately , got everyone by the pocket !

Why are the Retros Nike sneakers so in Fashion today ?