Thursday , Jul , 17 , 2003 C.Y. Ellis

The Nike Air Force One Stash Limited Edition

The Nike Air Force One Hi “Stash Edition” 1,000 Pairs released in 3 cities worldwide

Who is Stash ? and why did Nike released a specific pair for the this Artist?

It is very simple, as you might have noticed (as a real Nike collector that you are) lately, Nike is doing a lot of collaboration launching sneakers with the collaboration of professional athletes and artists…

  • Professional athletle? Yes

    Just take a look at the Nike Dunk Hi Todd Jordan (pro skater) or the Nike Dunk Supreme SB (SB stands for : Skateboard) series , including the Heineken, those models were mainly produced in limited edition, very expensive and with the collaboration of pro skater and skateboard firm , such as “Chocolate” …

    The sole of the Nike dunk and design , really attracted skateboarders and the fact that the sole of the Nike Dunk gripped very well to the “skateboard grip” was a plus for the skateboarders!

  • Now , what about the the Artist collaboration …

    Indeed Nike also started to launch very limited edition of Nike Air Force one , with the design of famous Hip Hop or urban street life artist such as “Stash”.

    A world-renowned graf artist/graphic designer,that developped the limited edition shoe, with special material and colour and custom Stash artwork (CD , and collector case) Stash is a famous Grafitti artist in the NYC area, along with Futura (if you remember , Nike lauched a Futura Nike Blazer Mid model “green andbeige in suede with numbered boxes , very rare and limited …)

  • What about the Shoe design and specifications ?

    The Nike Air Force One Hi Stash, is composed by leather and graffiti paint on the shoes, on the back of the shoes a Nike label is attached.
    There is a Collector case, in 3 different colors.
    Indeed the Nike Air Force One Hi Stash edition was released, i guess in 1,000 pairs in 3 important cities for the collector Nike Market:
    – London, UK
    – NYC, USA
    – Tokyo, JP

    Each city has a different case color , (see pictures) and layout on the sole gum of the shoes, the shoe comes also with a specific design CD collector.
    Moreover each sole  is transparent gum and each sole of the shoe matches the grafitti of the city issued on the case
    Retail price is usually $ 500.00 and up…

You have to know that Graffiti legends Stash and Futura operate Nort 235, a hard-to-find sneaker store on Eldridge Street in the Low East Side of NYC a cool shop to offer Japanese imports, limited-edition kicks and hip boutique brands. You will notice that the shoes, besides coming with a limited number edition, also comes with a CD ( ,collaborated with Nike and Stash on creating the animations for the CD Rom for his Air Force one hi limited edition shoe).

I think that i would end this article by pointing out that :

– Sneaker collectors are closely associated with street culture, people who look to magazines such as Nylon, Mass Appeal , sneakerz ; just to make sure that what’s available in the Sneaker’s market,  are of course more than shoes for kicking balls and running in.

– Like paintings, fine wines or fast cars, the best are collector’s items.

But beyond the dollar value, sneakers are emerging as a  way of expressing yourself , a way of culture-referencing self-expression where individuality, rarity and personal style all compete for shine on the runways that are the streets and the playgrounds !


The Nike Air Force One Stash Limited Edition