Wednesday , Jul , 23 , 2003 C.Y. Ellis

P Diddy wants to buy NY Knicks

July 23, 2003 — Sean “P. Diddy” Combs said he is interested in buying NY Knicks franchise. “I’m trying to buy ’em,” he said yesterday on the Howard Stern show. “I think I could do an excellent job with the organization.”

“I’m publicly putting it out there, but they’re not taking my calls,” he said.

The Knicks are owned by Cablevision, whose other holdings include Madison Square Garden, the Rangers, the Liberty and Radio City Entertainment. Joe Favorito, a Knicks spokesman, asked about Combs’ wish to put in a bid for the team, said “we’re not going to comment on it.” When Stern asked how much money it would take, Combs replied: “Whatever amount of money I need to raise.”

Whithout giving any details, Combs said he believe he could make the team better than it is today.

More news to follow… 

P Diddy wants to buy NY Knicks