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Fake Nike, Nike Factory Variant , Custom Nike…A little Glossary!

They may say Nike on them, but that doesn't mean they are.

HoopsVibe's Very Quick Call: From fake to phony and replica to replacement. Here's the reality on what's real in the world of Nike.

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  • The Variant Kickzzzz


    The Variant kicks are fakes. Many sites use this term but it is bullsh*t. Variants are fakes, final point! Take a close look at the Policy section on any Website that sells kicks, it might be hidden somewhere (so try to search and read carefully) but will usually say "these shoes are factory variants".


  • The Sample Kickzzzz


    You should know (and trust me you will notice it, if it is not mention by the Website) that "samples" always come in Size 9 with no box sometimes wrapped in a plastic bag and are used to test different looks and colour for the shoe. You will certainly see and notice very rare and unusual samples that you might like and that could be very valuable in the future!


  • The famous "Look-alike"


    These can be found in department stores or store that advertise sneakers at very cheap price (for instance all shoes are $ 5.99, you might see some look alike Nike presto or Nike Jordan) . They are usually made by unknown Chinese or South American factories.

    Trust me, I will not call them look alike, but maybe: look alike SH*T!


  • The Customs Kickzzzz


    If you see a shoe in a her non-original colour way, it is either a sample (weird colour or just a colour that is impossible or very rare to find, but mostly valuable sometimes!), a fake or a 'custom.'

    Customs are shoes that have been, as the word says it all, customized per the buyer's demand… Some sites call their shoes "customs" but they are fakes.


  • Air Jordan Retro Shoes

These are replicas of retro Michael Jordan kicks. They boast high quality Jordan shoes at a reasonable price. They do have a large variety and let you know just about anything is possible. Not a bad site if you're into fake gear. Check it out here 


  • Rep Kicks

These are fake kicks. They don't try to hide it and let you know straight up that that's what they're all about. They go beyond just sneakers though and have a whole variety of fake gear. Price vary, but generally speaking not too expensive. Check it out here


  • Liquid Kicks

‚ÄčThese guys have clearly had some legal problems in the past as their front page disclaimor indicates. They make a big stink about the fact that if you work for any of the companies they are creating variant shoes of you can not enter their site. I looks to me like a disclaimor written by a twelve-year-old, but god bless them for trying. I've never bought any gear from them, but their prices appear to be about 20% higher than their online competition, so you might want to hunt around. Check them out here

I do not want to snitch on anybody or any sites, but frankly all the Website out there that sells Nike Air Force One Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Burberry …are to me a menace to the real sneaker industry!

But that is my point of view !
Don't be fool by all those website that pretend to sell Jordan I replicas in colour that have never existed (Nike Air Jordan I Yellow and white or Nike Air Jordan V glossy blue and white), with cheap leather, and couture finishes that looks like sh*t…

You know just like me that the shoes and the leather have to be at least proper and real, the Real Nike way!

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