Friday , Aug , 01 , 2003 C.Y. Ellis

Interview with AO from the And1 Mix Tape Tour 2003 is covering the And 1 Mix Tape Tour 2003 as it stops in Miami. Few players of the And1 team, along with Miami Heat Malik Allen and Shawn Lampley came early Friday at the American Airlines Arena for a little shootout and 3 on 3 sessions with journalists and crew.

That was an opportunity for us to talk to these guys and get their impressions on how the tour went so far. They have been pretty excited with the success of all their stops this year. All cities of the 2003 Tour have been a great success so far.

Interview with AO from the And1 Mix Tape Tour 2003

We talked to AO and showed him some of the comments posted on the site to his attention. He would like to thank all his fans for all the support they have shown him. “This is a part of where my success is coming from,” says AO. “It makes me wanna be better everyday, find some new moves and show what the And1 spirit is all about”.

When asking AO about the atmosphere of the team, he said “we are like a family, all sharing the same kind of past and went through the same shit. We are all grateful for the success we get today. Each member of the team is bringing is own style and personality and it makes it a great group. We are here for fun man. We joke around, go out together, that’s a great experience.”


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