Wednesday , Oct , 08 , 2003 C.Y. Ellis

Slam Magazine

For fans of NBA basketball, or college basketball for that matter, SLAM is the best magazine for you.

SLAM is a magazine that focuses on giving fans some background knowledge about the players on the court, and how they got there. Importantly, it does not solely focus on the mainstream guys. In fact, frequently there are articles about guys who never made it to the big stage, but were legends in their area for that brief moment. That is what makes SLAM different.

There are sections on high school and college basketball, foreign leagues, and past legends. The pieces on ‘old school’ players are often the best, telling the stories of the greats from yesteryear and showing that the game was invented long before Michael Jordan ever made a Nike commercial. Clever basketball related jokes are woven in throughout the magazine, and make for humorous reading. Add to all this the great action photos, and of course the tear-out posters of stars doing what they do best. Plus, a section devoted entirely to the latest shoes and clothing available to help you look good when you hit the streets.

SLAM is essential if you want to call yourself a real fan, and to keep up with the game it is well worth subscribing to.

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Slam Magazine