Sunday , Nov , 09 , 2003 C.Y. Ellis

7th Edition – 11/10/2003

Now that the much-ballyhooed match up between LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony is over, we can commence with our lives. Really! Of course when they meet again in December, I can only hope all the festivities that accompanied their initial meeting will be nonexistent. After thinking about what transpired a few days ago, I’ve come to the conclusion that you gotta give ESPN credit; I mean can they promote a game or what? They actually succeeded in making the Denver Nuggets vs. the Cleveland Cavaliers must see TV.

7th Edition - 11/10/2003

Listen, as the title suggests, I love basketball, it’s the greatest sport in the world, but even I don’t watch every game that’s available to me. I’ll admit that I have a snobbish attitude about what teams I’ll watch play, but I doubt I’m the only one. I won’t even get into the audacity ESPN had to air the Grizzlies vs. Blazers as the second half of a double header as if people wanted to see that.

Anyway, I clearly understand the interest people may have in seeing two potential Rookie of the Year candidates clash. Carmelo Anthony and LeBron James are two very talented ball players who could possibly become all time greats, but for ESPN to insinuate that Anthony vs. James can reach the magnitude of Russell vs. Chamberlain or Magic vs. Bird before either accomplishes ANYTHING is surdiculous!

Magic Johnson and Larry Bird developed a rivalry in college that culminated in the National Championship game. The fact that one became a Laker and the other a Celtic made it poetic because those two storied franchises have an existing rivalry, Bird and Magic joining the fray just enhanced the battle. And they weren’t cool like James and Anthony are; there was dislike, which made it perfect that one landed in LA and the other in Boston, two towns whose (successful) teams resented one another.

There’s nothing like that between Denver and Cleveland, which leads me back to my point. I can’t believe I got duped into watching that terrible game. I’m better than that! It was sloppy, boring, and everything one would expect from two bad teams. The only interesting thing about it was seeing Earl Boykins steal the show and peeping Jay-Z in the audience. I guess he got bamboozled too.

However the game itself wasn’t the only unnecessary event being televised. Did anyone catch Michele Tafoya’s riveting interview of Carmelo’s mother Mary? Tafoya kept asking her questions about Carmelo’s relationship with LeBron and how significant their rivalry was — as if she cared. The lady was there to support her son–nothing more–nothing less. I got the feeling she wanted to say “Lady will you leave me alone!” How cool would it have been if she dumped a cup a beer on Michelle’s head? Giving Ms. Tafoya a taste of her own medicine.

And speaking of something that needs treatment… How bad was that halftime show? Wow! If not for Greg Anthony, the entire segment would be UN-WATCH-ABLE. Listening to Kevin Frazier inquire about the size of Jermaine O’Neal’s (who looked EXTREMELY uncomfortable) diamond earrings was lame. Oh yeah, props to O’Neal for actually admitting he wouldn’t have re-signed with the Pacers if he knew Isiah Thomas would be fired. That sort of honesty from athletes is refreshing. Unfortunately for ESPN and the viewers (I’m only assuming), it was the only thing that was the entire night.


*Why did the Cavs wear their road jerseys at home?

*Tracy McGrady should be worrying about getting his team to .500 instead of CRYING about the zone.

*What happened to Darius Miles’ potential?

*Baron Davis is no joke!

*Break up the Utah Jazz!

*The Wizards traded Jahidi White to the Suns for Brevin Knight. Minor moves that should help both teams out significantly… I’m serious!

*Fan attendance is down–since the economy is bad–my suggestion is to DROP TICKET PRICES!!

*Props to the Spurs for participating in the game of the year (so far) WITHOUT Tim Duncan.

*I think it’s comical that some people feel it’s selfish for Kobe to play, even though they have NO IDEA what it’s like to be in his current situation.

Aiight y’all.