Thursday , Dec , 11 , 2003 C.Y. Ellis

Spread The Wealth

While events such as The Jimmy V Classic and the Coaches for Cancer Games are great, it’s a shame that College Basketball (truly all college sports) can’t find more ways to support needy charities. NCAA Hoops drive in Millions, and Millions of dollars for Colleges, and Universities each year. Schools get money from TV, boosters, tournament appearances, shoe deals, and various other sources. Why can’t some of that money go to good outside causes? Sure they build new athletic centers, (which are only to make even more money) classrooms, and libraries, but if each school gave just 1% of their earnings to charities, you can only imagine the amounts that can be raised yearly. Also, take into account those astonishing numbers considering that currently there are over three-hundred Division 1A and AA Programs alone. On Tuesday in the Jimmy V Classic we saw a great game between Arizona and Texas, (How deep is Texas’s bench? While they didn’t win, hats off to them for doing just as Jimmy V said and not giving up! The Horns clawed back from 19 down with three and a half minutes to go, to give ‘Zona a real scare. As for Arizona, I’m having second thoughts on the Cats this season. Last Saturday I sat and watched that same squad almost loose to a fair at best Saint Louis University team. I thought they were doomed this year, but after tonight they really opened my eyes to their potential. I’ve gotta point out two things about this Wildcat team.

First, they never get tired. Lute Olsen only has seven guys in his rotation, and with the exception of foul trouble, his starters never take a rest. Truly to play for almost 40 minutes a night with that kind of up and down court play, and at such a high level of intensity is amazing. And secondly, there must be something in the water down in Tucson, because they might as well rename the school Point Guard University. Mustafa Shakur is the real deal. He’s just the latest in a long line of great guards for the Cats. And being only a Freshman playing in just his forth college game, watch out for him come March when he has about twenty more under his belt.) But it’s what I saw at half time of that game that really got me excited. I watched as Dick Vitale, (a long time friend of the late Jim Valvano, who died of Cancer in ’93) stood at mid-court (hat in hand) and urged all to give anything they can to help the fight against cancer.

I strongly support Vitale’s encouragement on this matter. Sure College Sports should give more, but they can’t do it all, we the fans need to do our part too. My thoughts on giving are as follows: If you have something, you can give something. If all you have is a dime, a penny of it will do. In our society too often our greed and selfishness gets in the way of us doing right, and helping others. Sometimes we need to take a step back and do an evaluation of self. Also, it’s important to remind ourselves where our priorities in life fall, and what we are doing to see to it that we are making the best decisions possible, to allow us to get the most out of our lives. If nothing else, we should do this just so we know if when we look in the mirror, we like the person looking back at us. Please help where, and how you can. Give to charities that research and able so many lives to be prolonged, if not saved. Everyone has been affected by Cancer, Aids, and a handful of other diseases in some way shape or form. Don’t overlook what is right in front you, and what you can do to better someone else’s life. If we all do our part, we can hopefully someday overcome the sicknesses in our world. It’s been said before, but it’s true “together we can make a difference.” Now, I don’t have near the millions that the Elite College Programs do, but if I did, I know where some of it would go! (I’m off my soap-box; now go make a donation somewhere!)