Saturday , Jan , 10 , 2004 C.Y. Ellis

Lakers Running Dry

4 straight losses and counting, a losing record on the road, injuries piling up, these aren’t exactly the ingredients for NBA supremacy but this is what the once unbeatable LA Lakers are currently facing.

Still solid at home (15-2) the Lakers struggles continue to be on the road (6-9) where championship level teams make their mark. Of course many would argue this is all a by product of Shaq and Karl Malone being injured and come playoff time the Lakers will be fine, many made that same argument last season with Shaq’s injury, the key is if these guys come back healthy and ready to perform at a top level or slog their way back into form. No matter what anyone says watching Kobe Bryant you just can’t think that all his legal issues are weighing on his mind. It seems at times as if the Lakers forget he’s out there and he’s not being his usual take control and all the shots kind of player. Gary Payton already proved in Seattle and Milwaukee he’s not going to single handedly carry a team, he needs help and Devean George is right now not the answer.

Lakers Running Dry

Suns Setting

The Phoenix Suns thought that when this season started, a young up and coming team loaded with Stephon Marbury, Amare Stoudamire, and Shawn Marion they were going to make the West take notice, well they have. They’ve noticed what a train wreck it is in the valley of the sun. First Stoudamire got hurt and needed surgery, coach Frank Johnson was then fired, and now Marbury and Penny Hardaway were basically given to the Knicks so the Suns could have salary cap room next off-season. Through it all though the Suns keep piling up losses battling at the bottom of the Pacific division with Golden State.

NBA Notes

– Big Friday night reunion in Boston, as Ricky Davis goes up against his former mates from Cleveland in the Fleet Center. Ricky who has not fully assimilated in Boston yet, may get a breakout type game here.

– Golden State’s losing streak has reached 7 and counting.

– Detroit has caught fire winning 7 straight but it’s hard to make up any ground on Indiana when they’ve won 6 straight and still lead by 3.5 games.

– Best teams going right now are San Antonio and Minnesota battling at the top of the Midwest, the T-Wolves have finally got all their new players on the same page with Garnett.

– Isaiah Thomas brought in Brooklyn native Stephon Marbury, but maybe he should bring in a new coach. Or at least fans in New York believe so after going down 23-2 to Houston (and former Knick coach Jeff Van Gundy) the MSG crowd started a chant that may become commonplace unless the Knicks improve “Fire Chaney!”

– One last Knick note, trader Thomas also in trying to acquire Darius Miles, and Rasheed Wallace. In an attempt I guess to form a who’s who of guys who haven’t lived up to their potential yet.