Saturday , Feb , 21 , 2004 C.Y. Ellis

A Tangled Webb

It’s a small world, … you reap what you sew, what goes around comes around, if you sleep you don’t know, a very small world…

Small World

Karma is a mother…if you believe in it. I do. As a matter of fact, it has me so shook that I’m sort of paranoid. Before I do or say anything that I probably shouldn’t, I think to myself…is it worth the repercussions that are sure to come later? Though this may sound wild to some, it’s the way my mind functions. I wonder if Chris Webber’s psyche works in a similar manner? Because if it didn’t before his latest transgression in a courtroom, its gotta be now. Right?

A Tangled Webb

Eleven years out of school, and he still can’t escape his past. When the court was done with him (probation after a plea bargain), the NBA suspended him for eight games after admitting he lied to a grand jury about accepting money as a college student from booster Eddie Martin. He was also punished for violating the league’s substance abuse policy. What else can go wrong with this guy?

Honestly, what has he done in his life to have so much misfortune?

Sure he’s a great player who has amassed an exorbitant amount of wealth, but his basketball career has yet to live up to anything of consequence. Beginning with his days in Ann Arbor.

Chris Webber was the leader of Michigan’s famed “Fab Five;” an immensely talented group of kids that was supposed revolutionize college basketball and win several NCAA titles. Instead, all they did was stumble when it really mattered. Coming up short seems to be a continuing trend with Webber, whose infamous “Timeout” during the team’s second run at the championship symbolizes his incredible ability to always be on the outside looking in. How many times has anyone ever called a timeout they didn’t have with the Glory up for grabs?

I mean…is he hexed?

True greatness has always eluded him. After the Orlando Magic selected him as the overall number one pick in 1993, Webber was traded to Golden State for the draft rights of Penny Hardaway. Along with a young Shaquille O’Neal, they could’ve been one of the greatest frontcourt duos in the history of the NBA. Instead Webber went west where he clashed with former Warrior head coach Don Nelson and was subsequently traded to Washington, where he foundered. That transaction by the Magic was not caused by anything of his doing, but still, I have to wonder if there’s something in the cosmos that’s against him.

After overcoming allegations of rape in D.C. and possession of marijuana in Puerto Rico, he was shipped cross-country again to the dregs of the league…Sacramento. Nonetheless, over time, the Kings became one of the NBA’s best teams and are one of the perennial favorites to win the Glory. But each time the opportunity presents itself, they always manage to be the bride’s maid instead of the bride. And each time Chris Webber is the focal point of it all.

In Game 7 of the Western Conference Finals against the Lakers in 2002 where was Webber in the clutch? He was all too willing to hand the ball off to Mike Bibby when a basket was needed. And before that, who left Robert Horry wide open behind the three-point line in Game 5? In the playoffs last season when they were primed to win the championship, who gets hurt against the Mavericks, resulting in Sacramento’s demise? Again that wasn’t his fault either, but you get my drift.

Currently, the Sacramento Kings have the best record in the NBA and Webber has yet to play a game. Talk about a complex situation, their so-called best player has been inactive, and the team is flourishing. This has caused some (foolishly I might add) to believe that they can win the title without him. That’s absurd. The Kings need him if they are going to compete with the other Western Conference powers. Still, the crazy thing is, I don’t believe they can’t win it with him. Some how, someway, Chris Webber is paying a heavy price for something he did in the past. Or maybe he’s just cursed? Whatever it is, it seems like he’ll never be as “Fab” as we all thought he would be.

It’s a small world, …you get away with it now, soon enough it catches up to you someway, some how, yo it’s a small world watch what you do…