Friday , Feb , 27 , 2004 C.Y. Ellis


Written by Ryan Cheng

Both are phenomenal basketball games, and each game has it’s own special features. NBA Live 2004 and ESPN NBA Basketball are both good games to invest in.

NBA LIVE 2004 vs ESPN NBA BASKETBALLWhen I first played NBA Live 2004 I thought it was a great game. It had a killer soundtrack with songs by Outkast and other great artists. Unlike the 2003 game the Freestyle Control doesn’t dominate as much. I have happy to see that Live 2004 had ramped up their defense. This game had several good plays to call and the layout of the buttons was great. Again, this game delivers its awesome Dynasty Mode and it’s better than ever with several more features. Running Defense and Offense is a lot better than last years. The A.I. is a lot smarter and the defense plays more realistically. Online play is available for the PS2. There was only a couple things that may not be in the best interest of people. The Lay-up and Shoot button are separate. Another thing is that lay-ups are missed at an unrealistic rate. Overall this game is a great game. If you are looking for a good, realistic, fun game get this one.

ESPN NBA Basketball a.k.a. NBA2K4 series is another fun basketball game. This game has the wonderful ESPN presentation just like all their other games. What makes this game have good game play is the fake passing, the iso-motion moves, and delayed give-and-gos. The one new feature in this game that stands out is the 24/7 Mode. You create a player and train him. He starts out as a no skilled player and as you train him and play in street games, he improves. You keep going up a ladder to the world rankings. The few flaws in the 24/7 Mode is that the game is tied to your PS2’s game clock. Everyday there are new things to do, but if you have to play this everyday and invest a lot of time into for a good player. Yes, the training does take forever and sometimes just gets boring quickly. One flaw in the game is the ridiculous way you have to shoot free throws. It’s not impossible, but is very difficult. The game play is probably not as good as NBA Live 2004, but very close.

Overall, both games are great games. ESPN NBA Basketball is a more fun and entertaining game. NBA Live 2004 is more of a realistic game. ESPN has better graphics and Live 2004 has better sounds. The game choice is up to you, but I personally liked Live 2004 a bit better.