Thursday , Mar , 11 , 2004 C.Y. Ellis

NBA Playoff Snapshot

1. Indiana 47-16 2. New Jersey 38-24
3. Detroit 41-25 4. New Orleans 33-30
5. Milwaukee 33-30 6. New York 29-35
7. Boston 28-36 8. Cleveland 28-36
9. Miami 27-36 10. Toronto 27-36
11. Philadelphia 26-38 12. Washington 20-41
13. Atlanta 20-43 14. Chicago 18-44
15. Orlando 18-47

NBA Playoff SnapshotWell there it is, the current (as of Mar. 9) Eastern Conference playoff situation, anyone else find that disturbing? Of the current 8 playoff teams 3 of them are under .500 and will get no where near that mark by the end of the season. And to say there is a clear favorite is a bold leap, sure the Pacers are very solid and the Pistons play great defense but this is the same conference that sent a #8 seed to the finals (Knicks-Spurs Finals). So don’t count out a rejuvenated Cleveland, or a hot-shooting Bucks team, or even a Paul Pierce playoff score-a-thon, the point is which ever of these teams get hot they will win the east, even though Indiana will be a tough test, but believe me the true NBA Finals take place in the Western Conference finals.

1.Sacramento 46-16 2.Minnesota 44-19
3.San Antonio 42-21 4.LA Lakers 41-22
5.Dallas 40-23 6.Memphis 39-24
7.Houston 36-26 8.Denver 33-31
9.Utah 32-32 10.Portland 30-33
11.Seattle 27-36 12.LA Clippers 26-36
13.Golden State 25-36 14.Phoenix 21-43

Yea in there somewhere is the 2003-2004 NBA Champion. Everyone’s preseason favorite Los Angeles is struggling right now with injuries and is in a big race with Dallas to get the 4 spot cause neither team is that good on the road (Lakers 17-17, Mavs 11-19). But the Lakers are still a very dangerous team, just not as dangerous as the absolutely loaded Sacramento Kings. With Webber back the Kings are looking to lock up the #1 seed and have a good roll going into the playoffs, plus this team has proven what it can do without Webber, also never forget my pick for NBA MVP (it’ll never happen, Stern wants one of the big names) Peja Stojakovic he who has just been shooting lights all year, and most importantly he’s doing it consistently night in, night out and keeps his mouth shut. Dallas? Same story as always, no defense. Houston? Yao has been playing unreal lately but they turn the ball over too much and their offence is too erratic. Minnesota? Well they might actually get out of the first round, but watching them I just don’t get that championship caliber feeling. The defending champion Spurs are playing well and are just as good, if not better, then last year but unless Duncan repeats his dominance of last year (I wouldn’t bet against it) the Spurs will not repeat. Finally the most exciting team in the NBA the Memphis Grizzlies. That’s right I said the Grizzlies. In case your one of the few who have not jumped on this bandwagon yet (all NBA’ers in the know are) get aboard before they get bounced out of the playoffs. They’ll get in, they’ll play hard, they’re Sacramento of 4 years ago, give them a couple more seasons and scorers and Memphis will be very legit, until then enjoy watching Jason Williams absolutely dazzle with the basketball in the Playoffs.