Wednesday , Apr , 28 , 2004 C.Y. Ellis

Playoff Musings

It’s that time of year. When NBA basketball gets good, with the first rounds starting to wrap-up and the pretenders getting tossed aside by the contenders it’s time to sit back and reflect on these 2004 playoffs so far.

– The East is still wide open despite the Nets and Pacers looking so dominant you have to remember that the Knicks and Celtics didn’t actually play in those games (except maybe game 3 Knicks vs. Nets was decent).

Playoff Musings– Has one team ever blown more in less then a minute then the Rockets did in Game Three’s OT? Up four in OT with the ball and in less time then it takes to say “Is Steve Francis really happy in Houston?” the Rockets had blown the lead, the game, probably the series, and their season.

– Speaking of Francis does anyone else get the feeling watching him play he’s not a fan of Van Gundy’s system? He seems so uninterested and makes simple mental errors at important junctures; I don’t know maybe it’s all in my head.

– Lebron may have gotten the award, but Carmelo is averaging 20+ a night in the playoffs and helping the Nuggets in a very possible upset bid over the #1 seeded T-Wolves.

– Which Minnesota shows up each night seems to be a mystery, the dominant #1 seed in games one and two, or the team that got man handled in game three and has never won a first round series.

– After the game one score-a-thon (116-105) the Kings and Mavs look like the Heat and Knicks circa 98, well maybe not that bad, but for the top 2 scoring teams to be struggling this bad is something, and mind you it’s not good defense they just can’t make anything.

– Not a whole lot to say on that Detroit-Milwaukee series, except Detroit’s defense hasn’t been all to impressive, the difference has been the Bucks huge turnover numbers, the only game they were under 18 turnovers was game three which they still lost because they shot only 37% and allowed the Pistons 46%.

– Heat have got the Hornets, New Orleans got game three because Dwayne Wade, and Eddie Jones combined for 3-of-21 shooting, those guys are too good to have that kind of repeat performance.

Non-Playoff Notes

– Luol Deng of Duke is going to declare for the draft, he will probably be a top five pick with other entrees Emeka Okafor, Jameer Nelson, Ben Gordon, and Hakim Warrick (if he declares for the draft).

– Jim O’ Brien now the head man in Philly, if he can get out of the 76ers what he did in Boston, Philly’s fans will be very happy, though this hiring does end any hope of a player/coach Allen Iverson, c’mon you all know that would have been entertaining.