Wednesday , Apr , 21 , 2004 C.Y. Ellis

NCAA March Madness 2004

NCAA March Madness 2004 storms the court with new schools, smoother control, and an incredibly deep Dynasty Mode. Battle through the EA SPORTS Maui Invitational tournament all the way to the BIG DANCE…. Dick Vitale takes you through all the pageantry like no one else can. The unique, fast-paced college game comes to life with players applying full-court pressure “D”, diving on loose balls, and throwing it down big-time. Featuring EA SPORTS Freestyle Control, NCAA March Madness 2004 delivers the authentic strategy, sheer emotion, and passion of college basketball.

NCAA March Madness 2004

This game is much more enjoyable than the 2003 version in gameplay and is noticably better in the graphics department… but somebody needs to be fired from EA Game’s sound department. The programming for the game’s sound is just down-right embarassing. EA Games must have done next to no testing before releasing this game to the public. Even their previous March Madness 2003 game was FAR less buggy in terms of sound.

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I actually think this is the one improvement. EA games did a great job of making the game feel more ‘real’ in terms of physics and controller response. You can no longer just push a bunch of dribbling buttons and get past 5 men.. you have to actually strategize and execute your plays as a team.

These also are noticably improved over last year although the issue of clipping (one player being ‘inside’ of another player without them bounching off each other) is still there, it’s like this in most any game made even today. The crowd is also still disappointinly fake, but hey, they are kind of limited to the PS2’s graphics capabilities.

This is where they dropped the ball unbelievably bad. Not only are the things the announcers say still so repetitious, you’ll being saying their lines before they do in under 3-4 hours of gameplay, but I’d say a good 10% of the time they say the WRONG THING, flat out! In other words, if a certain team is doing a great job of something, they will say the complete opposite thing. Or if one team is losing badly, they will make a comment as if the team were actually winning by a wide margin. It’s like their voice acting has gone completely dislexic and many times just about as random as can possibly be.

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