Wednesday , Jun , 09 , 2004 C.Y. Ellis

Game Two- Series Tied 1-1


Well talk about your demoralizing defeats, seconds away from going up 2-0, and on the road, then watching it all disintegrate in the matter of one shot.

Game Two- Series Tied 1-1


Seeing those Pistons players faces on the bench sort of said it all.

Game Three is must win for Detroit, after taking that kind of loss, they need to get right back in the win column, especially at home, or not only will that Game Two loss still be with them, but then they’ll also be in the hole. For the Lakers they got the help they needed from Luke Walton (quick side note anyone else wish Bill Walton was doing some commentating during this thing??) coming off the bench to pitch in 7 points, 8 assists, along with great hustle and defense. As for Gary Payton I wonder if this is the way he envisioned winning a title (if LA wins), scoring 5 points in two games, and never even playing during critical 4th quarter and OT periods. Karl Malone got to give it up for him, playing out there hobbled, which is commendable, but also he’s got to know when to rest because at times Rasheed Wallace was just abusing him.

Detroit showed that even when LA brings their “A” game they can play with them, the problem was as they found out the hard way is keeping the Lakers down for the whole game is nearly impossible, their gonna have their runs and Kobe or Shaq are going to bite you at some time. Biggest concern for Larry Brown has got to be the way, not only they played, but they way Detroit looked in that OT, it was a totally different team. This is where that experience will benefit LA and hurt Detroit, the Pistons need Game 3, they need to jump out early and pounce on the Lakers quickly with their defense the Pistons with a lead can be very hard to come-back on, and with I’m sure The Palace going nuts it is must-win in Motown.

Game Two difference was the same as Game One, the benches.
LA got nothing in Game One, then in Game Two get Walton’s big minutes as well as timely three’s from Derek Fisher. Detroit in Game One had nice contributions from Elden Campbell and Lindsey Hunter, Game Two Hunter led the bench with 5 points. Also Tayshaun Prince needs to shoot more, and LA needs to rebound more. Game Three I believe is it for Detroit, all the pressure is on them now, sure no one picked them and their heavy under-dogs but after that kind of loss, and coming home for the first Finals game in 15 years, the Pistons better be ready or else this could be over in five.

Writer’s Note: On behalf of the website and myself I apologize for the rash of grammatical errors in my Game One recap.