Thursday , Jun , 10 , 2004 C.Y. Ellis

ESPN NBA Basketball

Turn on the skills of the next generation and experience the new NBA attitude with ESPN NBA Basketball. Start with fanatical crowds, blinding lights and deafening sounds that set the stage for each co…mpetitive match-up! Heart pounding and filling with anxiety, it’s now time for you to step on the court with a “let’s play” swagger! You got game, so rise above the rest and throw down rim rattling slams, dish spine chilling passes and be a part of the athletic explosion that now flows through the game! Feel the passion that pulls at every muscle, yell, tear and fist pump as you find yourself in the next level of competition where it takes attitude, desire and heart to win championships! It’s a new year, a new game and a new attitude…it’s ESPN NBA Basketball!

ESPN NBA Basketball

Whether you’re a HUGE bball fan like myself, or just want to play a good game of basketball on the PS2, ESPN/Sega’s NBA basketball is the best for sure. Like the previous review states, it has 3 games on ine. Simulation, 24/7, and street. Also, the franchise is just amazing. It is the best basketball game I have ever played/owned.

The gameplay in this game is so realistic. It is just like the real thing. It crushes Live in this aspect as well as others. Awesome real dunks, free style movies, pump fakes, jab steps, palming of the ball, its so real and amazing. The arenas are so customized its not even funny. For example if you play at Denver’s Pepsi Center, and a free throw you can see on the ceiling are Colorado Avalanche Stanley Cup banners of the NHL. Now how real can you get? Also, Rasheed Wallace’s little white spot on his head is there in this game. The best gameplay I have seen, along with many others who share the exact same opinions for basketball games. Too real.

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The graphics are great. Totally annihilate EA’s NBA Live 2004. The Arena’s look so real because of the graphics. Player’s faces exactly how they are. Same w/the coaches. Great graphics. Best graphics out of all basketball games, for sure.

As compared to many basketball games I have played, this one’s sound I find the best. Just as it really is, the fans go crazy on big fast breaks and like 8-0 runs. Also, just like it really is, when one team has momentum and the other team calls a timeout the crowd gets louder. Good sound.

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