Friday , Jun , 11 , 2004 C.Y. Ellis

Game Three- Detroit Leads Series 2-1

Rock City, Indeed

Game Three- Detroit Leads Series 2-1

So much for coming out flat, jumping out to an 8-0 lead and then never trailing in the game, Detroit absolutely dominated the LA Lakers.

Game Three- Detroit Leads Series 2-1

(Quick side note notice how last year, in a defensive low-scoring series ratings were in the tank, but put the Lakers into it and now there’s less complaining though it’s the same type of series and more viewers shows that most casual NBA fans don’t really care about the game just the team who’s playing.)

The opening of the game ABC ran with Jordan Finals highlights, then Kobe’s shot from Game Two, sorta rang hollow after that performance by Kobe, I thought the Jordan-Kobe talk had gone away, anyway clearly Kobe is Kobe and Jordan is still the only Jordan. Michael never had a Finals game quite like the one Kobe had in Game 3, sure players are entitled to off-nights but come-on these are the Finals and after chest thumping and game winning shots, 4-for-13 and 11 points isn’t exactly a game to hang your hat on.

But it wasn’t just Kobe, no Laker could do anything, the most telling stat in my mind that says just about all you need to know about this game, Shaq shot 2 foul shots! Two! That’s unbelievable and when you consider LA as a team shot 36% no wonder they got blown out by 20.

I know Phil Jackson is a great coach and all but that Walton, Medvedenko, Brian Cook line-up has got to go, they are quality players but with little experience in this situation, at least put them out there with some established players. LA is in trouble if they continue to play sloppy offence and so-so defense, but as always the beauty of the 7 game series no matter how bad you look in one game, there’s still plenty more to play, just hope you don’t stink it up to often.

Detroit’s fans were definitely ready for this game; in fact the only people more ready may have been the Pistons. Hamilton and Billups combined for 50 and the Pistons starting five outscored the Lakers team (71-68). Rasheed Wallace had an ugly game taking only 4 shots and scoring only 3 points, I think Larry Brown always sitting him after two fouls isn’t all the great a move they’re so deep up front at least let Sheed get that third foul before sitting him an entire quarter.

But Detroit did very little wrong, and now have home-court, a series lead, and lots of confidence, all they need to do is keep playing they’re normal terrific defense and getting scoring from their guards, and hopefully for them Wallace and Detroit may be getting those rings sooner then many people thought.

Also congratulations to Darko Milicic being the youngest player in Finals history, he has had a real tough rookie year, but how many other #2 picks have ever played in a Finals in their rookie year, also Lebron and Carmelo may have made all the noise but at least Darko may be the one with a ring (even though I’m well aware it was through little fault of his own).