Monday , Jun , 14 , 2004 C.Y. Ellis

Game Four- Detroit Leads Series 3-1

Auburn Hills Sweep?

Game Four- Detroit Leads Series 3-1

One more win and the rioting will begin in the streets of Detroit, of course just because no NBA team has come back from a 3-1 deficit don’t count out the Lakers remember no one gave the Pistons a chance to win this series, so let’s not count out anything yet in these Finals.

Game Four- Detroit Leads Series 3-1

Rasheed Wallace showed up in a big way Sunday, to the tune of 26 points and 13 rebounds. Slava Medvedenko’s elbow throwing also helped to fire up the very excitable Wallace, but Sheed kept himself enough in control to only get one technical foul and stay in the game. Then he went off hitting everything he put up including a very nice bank shot, plus the foul, in the 4th quarter.

Wallace again though had plenty of help as the Pistons backcourt of Rip Hamilton, and Chauncey Billups had a big game combining for 40 points. Even though the Pistons bench gave them nothing (8 points total) the Pistons ultra-aggressive defense as well as their attacking of the rim led Detroit to another overwhelming advantage at the foul line (41-to-22 shots).

To sweep all three home games in the NBA Finals won’t be easy, but then again knowing Detroit and what they’ve done all season, and especially in the Playoffs might be time for Detroit to raise banner #3.

Los Angeles has allot of work left to do to not just get back in this series, but to at least make it more competitive as they have just been absolutely steam-rolled in The Palace.
Yet another Finals game, another night of no Laker named Kobe or Shaq getting into double figures, Payton got close with 8 but no other Laker had more than 5. Detroit has exposed the Laker’s greatest weakness’

all series long, depth and age. Gary Payton is hardly any longer “The Glove”

and clearly even before the knee injury Karl Malone was not delivering the mail all the time. When Kareem Rush and Derek Fisher are the only one making shots off your bench you know things can’t be all that good.

Detroit did the one thing that San Antonio, Minnesota, and Houston didn’t and that is making LA play their game, instead of getting caught up in how to stop Kobe and Shaq they came out thinking how are the Lakers gonna stop us.
They knew their defense was solid enough without any special planning (though all the Kobe double-triple teams have been very effective) to hold down everyone else the Lakers have, and if the first 4 games are any sign they have been highly successful, and sure they’ve let Shaq get his numbers but it’s kind of hard to not let that happen, but other then that one game (Game 2) Kobe has really been a non-factor.

So we’ve gone from Detroit has no shot, to the Lakers got no shot, but as always it’s not over till it’s over. If LA gets Game 5 it would be very interesting watching Detroit trying to close out this series in La-La Land, the way things look though the Pistons will be crowned in their own Palace.