Sunday , Jun , 27 , 2004 C.Y. Ellis

Caution: Bobcats Crossing

I’m really worried for the Charlotte Bobcats. First of all, their logo looks like the younger, angrier brother of the Carolina Panthers logo. I’d be angry too if I were a Bobcat season ticket holder: this team is in for a suck-fest. This is a new franchise, comprised of unwanted children of other NBA teams. Perhaps they should call them the Charlotte Hotdogs: fillers, odds and ends. How do you think the players feel? They know that they were put out to pasture by their former teams. One day, you’re with a winning team, the next, you’re part of the Breakfast Club. I’m writing as a concerned citizen: being a Toronto Raptors fan, I’ve been through all of this before. I’ve been there since the beginning: from the team’s first tip-off to the team’s Enron fall. Nothing like watching a car wreck unfold before my very eyes. The upshot of all of this is that Master P gets another crack at the NBA. Holla if you hear me.

Caution: Bobcats CrossingIt’s not just the players I’m concerned about. It’s the attendance. In Toronto, we had a different situation. We have never had a team before. We were a hockey town, eager to show that we were ready for some hardwood action. In Charlotte’s case however, the Hornets recently moved away due to a lack of fan interest. What makes the NBA think that the Bobcats will fare any better? Because BET owns it? If the Hornets couldn’t draw fans with players like Baron Davis and Mr. Big Cat, what makes them think that they can do better with a bunch of bench players? I don’t know about you, but I’d choose Baron over Baxter any day. Maybe BET can chip in and host 106 and Park during half time. That should get a few fans. The players can be in Freestyle Fridays during the half. The loser gets a technical foul. As you can see, I’m not very confident of Charlotte’s fan support. I think that their teal coloured uniform in the early 90’s scared a lot of people away.

Fear not Bobcat fans, your team will eventually get better. You guys are banking on Okaford. He can be the next KG…or Yinka Dare. Talk about a bad draft – I think that I’ll start calling Okaford the “One-eyed man.” This year’s draft had a large class of high school players – some have potential, and some have yet to learn how to handwrite. It’s okay, I hear that you can sign million dollar contracts with an “X”. A lot of these guys have been labeled “Works in progress”. I’m sure they’ll be ready to play..when they discover cold fusion, or Reggie Miller’s defense.

Persistence is the key. Make a few moves here and there, pull off a few trades and you’ll end up with a franchise player…like Toronto’s Vince Carter. He WAS our franchise player, but now that we think about it, maybe we should have opted to keep cousin Tracy instead. I wonder if we can trade Vince to Charlotte for AJ and Free?