Monday , Jul , 12 , 2004 C.Y. Ellis

George Lynch: Role Model Supreme

Driving down the curvy Malibu coast of the Pacific Coast Highway this past Wednesday I’m interviewing George Lynch of the NBA on the cellie. He lives 1,500 miles to the right of me in Dallas and probably never realized that a Porsche nearly ran me off the road, it’s all good, the convo was worth it.

George Lynch: Role Model Supreme

Lynch is dropping the latest details of his life, camp, and philosophies while I’m sitting there wondering, “Have I ever known a better role model from the NBA or nicer guy than this?” I ask him the standard x,y, and z questions regarding his upcoming camp in San Diego which is open to youth ages Kinder to 12th grade, Lynch goes on to relate how ever since playing with the Lakers back in the day he’s wanted to establish an NBA Read to Achieve program and youth camp in Diego, there’s been no NBA franchise to run these programs there for the past 20 years.

A film crew from the NBA will be on hand at the George Lynch camp on July 19- 22, to tape him instructing campers on basic skills and documenting him help kids catch a love of reading. I asked Lynch how long he’d been running his camp, “I’ve been running a full on camp with the help of my North Carolina J.V. team members since I was a sophomore in college.” Cameras weren’t rolling back then, but this man among men with a heart of gold had the vision at age nineteen to educate and pass along what he was learning from Dean Smith. Impressive. Lynch lives to help youngsters learn about the proper basics of basketball, he’s noticed a current trend in that many guys from overseas are being drafted by NBA teams ahead of American players because of their strong fundamentals, “The kids in this country have to get back to the basics, the techniques I learned at North Carolina have helped me stay in the NBA for eleven years, hopefully I can help someone else in America get to play at the next level if they’re willing to learn the fundamentals and put in the time and energy.”

Articulate, humble, and altruistic are words that seem to define George Lynch. He has this Bill Walton charisma about him when detailing the joys of playing for his alma mater, Carolina won an NCAA championship behind his talent and leadership back in the early 90’s, maybe what the basketball world needs is more George Lynches to pass along the wisdom of a John Wooden or Dean Smith.

Lynch takes a great amount of pride in all of his basketball relatedactivities, he has really distinguished himself through the creation of a special internet site called to advertise and chronicle his personal training and camps, maba stands for Making A Better Athlete. I checked out the site and learned how Lynch works one-on-one with aspiring athletes, trains entire teams, and even sets up professional camps and leagues year round in Dallas. Serving as a role model isn’t a burden to Lynch, “Me being an athlete is an opportunity to help kids do the right thing, not everyone in sports today has shown that high level of professionalism that we all should aspire to project.”

Well stated by an exceptionally kind person. George Lynch knows where he’s from, thankfully for us he also knows where he’s at: on a journey to guide real fans of the game on their quest to learn more about basketball…and life.

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For more information on George Lynch’s Camp in San Diego, call (760) 603-0254.