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Rucker Park Tournament Schedule 2004

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The annual Entertainers Basketball Classic (EBC), held at Rucker Memorial Park in New York City is the ultimate street basketball showcase where sports, music, tv/film and fashion meet.

Recent NBA participants have included Stephon Marbury, Kevin Garnett, Kobe Bryant, Allen Iverson, Ray Allen and Shawn Marion.

Rucker Park Tournament Schedule 2004

You can found here all informations for the Rucker Park 2004 Tournament 2004:

Week One  Monday June 21-24  
Week Two Monday June 28- July 1  
Week Three Monday July 5-8  
Week Four   Monday July 12-15  
Week Five Monday July 19-22  
Week Six Monday July 26-29   
Week Seven Monday  August 2-5  
Week Eight Monday August  9-12 
Playoffs and Championship
Week Nine  Monday August 16-20 EBC 
 America Playoffs and Championship 

Division ADivision B 
BMF (1-2) Definition (2-1)
Family Tree (3-1)) MBK (1-2
Jagore Ent (1-2) Rbk/DonDiva Mag (3-1)
Source (1-2)Rooney Ent.(1-2)
Terror Squad (3-0) Ruff Ryders (1-1)
Tommy Hilfiger (2-2) Shady Records(3-0)
Twin Faces(0-3)Team Walker (0-3)
Universal/SRC Records (2-1)WWE (1-2)

Men’s Division  Rucker Park schedule 
21-Jun-04 Defn vs Ruff RydersTerror Squad vs Family Tree
22-Jun-04 RBK/Don Diva Mag vs Shady RecordsTommy Hilfiger vs The Source
23-Jun-04 MBK vs RooneyBMF vs Universal/SRC
24-Jun-04 WWE vs Team WalkerJagore vs Twin Faces
28-Jun-04 Terror Squad vs Universal RBK/Don Diva vs MBK
29-Jun-04 Tommy Hilfiger vs JagoreShady vs Rooney
30-Jun-04 Family Tree vs SourceRuff Ryders vs Team Walker
1-Jul-04 Twin Faces vs BMFDefn vs WWE
5-Jul-04 Rooney Ent. vs. Ruff Ryders  Tommy vs. Terror Squad
6-Jul-04 Twin Faces vs. Universal  RBK vs. WWE
7-Jul-04 Jagore Ent. vs. Family  Tree MBK vs. Team Walker
8-Jul-04 Definition vs. Shady  BMF vs. Source
12-Jul-04 Tommy vs. Family Tree  RBK vs. Rooney Ent.
13-Jul-04 Jagore vs. Source  Shady vs. MBK
14-Jul-04 Definition vs.Team Walker  WWE vs. Ruff Ryders
15-Jul-04 Twin Faces vs. Tommy  Terror Squad vs. BMF
19-Jul-04 Rooney Ent. vs. Definition  Terror Squad vs. Source
20-Jul-04 MBK vs. WWE Tommy vs. BMF 
21-Jul-04 Universal vs. Family Tree Team  Walker vs. Shady
22-Jul-04 Ruff Ryders vs. RBK  Twin Faces vs. Terror Squad
26-Jul-04 Terror Squad vs. Jagore Ent. RBK vs. Definition 
27-Jul-04 Universal vs. Tommy Ruff Ryders vs. Shady 
28-Jul-04 Family vs. Twin Faces Walker vs. Rooney Ent. 
29-Jul-04 BMF vs. Jagore Ent. MBK vs. Ruff Ryders 
2-Aug-04 Universal vs. Source MBK vs. Definition 
3-Aug-04 Family Tree vs. BMF  WWE vs. Rooney Ent.
4-Aug-04 Univeral vs. Jagore Ent. RBK vs. Team Walker 
5-Aug-04 Shady vs. WWE  Source vs. Twin Faces
Division A Division B  
9-Aug-04 1st place vs 4th place 1st place vs 4th place 
10-Aug-04 2nd place vs 3rd place  2nd place vs 3rd place
11-Aug-04 EBC Semi Finals  
12-Aug-04 EBC Championship  
16-Aug-04 Boston vs Philadelphia  Washington DC vs Atlanta
17-Aug-04 Chicago vs Detroit  Los Angeles vs Houston
18-Aug-04 Monday Winners play  Tuesdays Winners play
19-Aug-04 Semi finals Wednesday winners play  
20-Aug-04 Fashion Show -All-star Game New York vs Wednesday Winners

Woman’s Division 
Lady Ballers 
Lady Mustangs 
Wee Allstars 
Woman’s Rucker Park Tournament schedule
30-Jun-04 4pm Keane vs Abbysyniain 
7-Jul-04 4pm Milbank vs Lady Mustangs 
14-Jul-04 4pm Abbysynian vs House Allstars 
21-Jul-04 4pm Exodus vs Milbank 
28-Jul-04 4pm House Allstars vs Keane 
4-Aug-04 4pm Exodus vs Lady Mustangs 
11-Aug-04 4pm Playoffs

Kids Tournament:

EBC 14-U Divison
Week 1 
Tuesday June 29
Team Roc
Team Next
Thursday July 1
Wee All-stars
Week 2 
Tuesday July 6
Wee All-stars
Thursday July 8
Team Roc
Week 3 
Tuesday July 13
Team Next 
Thursday July 15
Scholar Ent
Week 4 
Tuesday July 20
Team Roc
Team Next
Thursday July 22
Wee All-stars
Week 5
Tuesday July 27
Scholar Ent
Wee All-Stars
Thursday July 29
Team Roc
Week 6 
Tuesday August 3
Team Next
Thursday August 5
Scholar Ent
Week 7 
Tuesday August 10
Fans Choice
Thursday August 12