Tuesday , Jul , 20 , 2004 C.Y. Ellis

Interview of And1’s Escalade

Surrounded by hundred of fans trying to approach their favorite players, I conduct my Interview of Troy “Escalade” Jackson, member of the And1 Team at the Madison Square Garden. Younger brother of NBA player Mark Jackson, this 6’10 big man truly speak with his heart. Exclusive interview for HoopsVibe.com.

Interview of And1's Escalade

HoopsVibe.com: Do you read what people say about you and what they think about you as a player?
Escalade: Well actually when I was sick couple month ago, I had a bunch of messages from people saying “get well’, praying for you hoping you feel better and that really meant a lot man.

HoopsVibe.com: Do you watch your show on TV before it goes out?
Escalade: Yeah we watch it on the bus, we kinda make it like an event you know, get together and watch it, laughing…

HoopsVibe.com: What kind of kid were you?
Escalade: Well I cared a lot for school and basketball, we were going to church all the time.

HoopsVibe.com: At what age did you start playing ball?
Escalade: Man I started I was 5 or 6 years old.

HoopsVibe.com: Did you play in the street right away?
Escalade: Yeah I grew up in New York City so you know there is a park at every block in NY. But I also grew up playing a lot in school. I grew up in this building (Madison Square Garden). My brother (Mark Jackson) played for the Knicks when I was 10/11 years old so I was a ball boy here. Also when I was seven years old my brother was playing in Saint John. I was coming here, watching him play against Patrick Ewing from Georgetown and sometimes sitting next to my brother on the bench, the same bench I am sitting in right now.

HoopsVibe.com: This must have been a great feeling for you playing in your home town today?
Escalade: Absolutely, I know all these people that work here, the security staff, everybody. I grew up in this building. My brother played 7 years for the Knicks. But I also played in high school. I was All Star America. I played four year at the University of Louisville, played in the ABA, Dominican Republic, Germany, France…

HoopsVibe.com: How is the Tour this year versus last year? Any different?
Escalade: Tour is great. But you know it gets harder every year, level is going up, people watch you moves and know what’s coming!

HoopsVibe.com: How do you see yourself in 3 to 5 years?
Escalade: 3 years? 5 years? Doing the same thing I’m doing now.

HoopsVibe.com: Have you been approached by any NBA team?
Escalade: I mean I did couple summer leagues. But I feel really comfortable in what I do today. And that’s really what I love to do.

HoopsVibe.com: Now tricky question for the end. Spyda vs. Professor. One on One. Who wins?
Escalade: (Smiling). In a one on one, Spyda wins ’cause he is stronger. But Professor’ got skills man.