Monday , Aug , 16 , 2004 C.Y. Ellis

28th Edition – August 15th, 2004

‘Sup, And welcome back to my bi-weekly rant about the game we love. In this week’s edition, I’ve decided to change up the format. Reason being, there’s not too much going on in the NBA and, that’s just the mood I’m in. As you know, usually, I start off about a particular subject that has caught my attention, and then I write a nice sized introduction about it. Afterwards, I follow up with quick comments about other topics or occurrences that, for the most part, have to do with the league. Well, as previously stated, not this time.

28th Edition - August 15th, 2004

Starting from now (that is, until I change my mind), FTLB is going to have a flippant vibe to it. Because for the most part, that’s how I feel about A LOT OF STUFF that goes on outside and in between the lines. For me, it’s all about the game and watching it being played at a high level. Everything else is either frivolous, irrelevant, surdiculous, temporarily important, or really important. That’s it. Nothing too complicated, because frankly, if it doesn’t affect me personally (my team, player(s) or coach(s) I like, or the actual game itself) I just don’t care.

However, things still happen and despite my feelings, I still hear about them. So without further ado, I’d like to cut to the chase and tell you what I think about them in a clear and concise manner. But I’ll be honest, most of this information barely stayed in my head long enough for me to blink twice.


The Men’s Olympic Basketball Team

Should they win? Yes. Do I want them to win? Yes. If they lost would I be heartbroken? No. I don’t mean to sound unpatriotic, but the Olympics don’t do much for me, they never have. So when Italy smashed the so-called “Dream Team,” I was slightly surprised. But I let it go… quickly. Besides, it’s not like it was a playoff game or something. And that’s all I gotta say about that. Except, why is Richard Jefferson on the team?

The Sacramento Kings

Peja wants out because Chris Webber called him out for doing what Chris Webber normally does in the playoffs. Read that again slowly. Peja’s also not happy that his boy Vlade Divac left for Southern California. The notion that disharmony exists in the Kings’ locker room is interesting since they’re the ones who are always so quick to tell everyone how much they love each other. But other than that, whatever… I mean IT’S NOT LIKE WE’RE TALKING ABOUT THE CURRENT OR FUTURE NBA CHAMPIONS, Peja or no Peja.

Erick Dampier

Forget the fact that teams (New York, Atlanta, Indiana) are actually wining and dining the guy to convince him to play for their respective squads. But can you believe that this guy is in ANY position to choose where he plays? Erick Dampier? This very notion alone has me so perplexed that I actually thought (and continue to) about it for more than three minutes.

The New York Knicks

Listen, I can appreciate Isiah’s efforts to improve a dreadful team, but what in the name of Earl Monroe is he doing? Why is he so enamored with Jamal Crawford? What in his career statistics (FG% .397, Points 11.2, Assists 3.8, Rebounds 2.4) has he done to justify giving him a 7-year $56 million contract? How is a team with him, Stephon Marbury, and Allan Houston going to function? And then there are rumors that Isiah wants to bring Vince Carter (see next paragraph) into the fold? Pro basketball is going to be dead in New York for a long time. Oh well, they’re not my team.

The Artist Formerly Known As Vince Carter

You know I like Vince. I’m a fan of his game, but I’m giving him one more season to get his act together, or it’s a wrap. I don’t remember a fall from grace this abruptly since Penny Hardaway. And if I’m not mistaken, Penny had a longer run at the top. Stay in Toronto Vince, that way if you really hit rock bottom, at least they’ll still love you. New York ain’t the place to fall off.

The Exodus Of Gary Payton

As a Laker fan, I’m glad to see him go. OK, I’m ECSTATIC! I just can’t forgive his effort during the playoffs. Inexcusable. It’s just too bad we had to give up Rick Fox as well.

Aiight I’m good.