Monday , Aug , 30 , 2004 C.Y. Ellis

29th Edition – August 30th, 2004


Let’s get to it:

–You know it was quite interesting to watch the US Men’s Basketball team struggle the way they did. I didn’t take pleasure in it because I wanted them to win. Actually, I expected them to. I also anticipated that the Lakers would smash the Pistons, but we all know how that turned out.

29th Edition - August 30th, 2004

–When did making a basket OUTSIDE the paint on a consistent basis become such an anomaly for our NBA heroes?

–I apologize for repeating myself, but I have yet to receive a sufficient reason to WHY RICHARD JEFFERSON WAS ON THAT TEAM?

–And Shawn Marion?

–And Stephon Marbury?

–And Carlos Boozer, who apparently has been taking free throw lessons from Shaq.

–And Emeka Okafor, especially since Larry Brown didn’t play the guy. And what was up with that? Okafor led his team to the national title, and was the best defender in college basketball. With every opposing guard driving to the basket at liberty, I thought his skills could have been useful.

–Tim Duncan was in foul trouble the ENTIRE tournament. Another reason Larry Brown should have played Okafor.

–I bet when Gregg Popovich was sitting the bench watching Manu Ginobili hit all those three pointers, he was wondering how come he didn’t perform like that in the playoffs.

–A wise man once said to me that when it comes to women, it’s all about them gaining respect. But when it comes to men, it’s always about maintaining their reputation. I guess we can conclude that the US Women’s basketball team earned theirs, and the reputations of the members of the Men’s team took a severe hit. Larry Brown included.

–Just think how much more money Carlos Arroyo would’ve gotten if he had waited for a new contract agreement with the Utah Jazz until after the Olympics.

–I don’t buy the argument that American players are lacking in fundamentals. I think the issue is at some point in their careers, they substitute the lessons they learned at a young age for their physical and athletic prowess.

–Coaches (at all levels) don’t stress the importance of the basics to their players. It’s always about: How high a guy jumps, or how fast he or she moves? Instead of can they shoot (accurately)? Pass precisely? Defend? Or sacrifice themselves for the betterment of a team willingly?

–At some point in EVERY players life, they all learned to dribble, pass, and shoot without limitation of range. Who is it that tells players to restrict their games to certain areas of the court because of their height?

–I’m glad a guy like Kevin Garnett didn’t listen to that horrible advice. There’s nothing wrong with being a COMPLETE basketball player.

–I’m glad the Olympics are over; I missed watching “Fear Factor.”

–After ONE quality season out of eight, Erick Dampier got the Mavericks to trade for him AND agree to cough over $73 million in the process. It’s the greatest scam of the millennium thus far… Astounding.

Aiight, I’m good.