Friday , Sep , 10 , 2004 C.Y. Ellis

30th Edition – September 10th, 2004

Hola muchachos,

Shall we commence…?

–Some may deduce that I’m suffering from a case of sour grapes because of his acrimonious departure (seriously, I’m not), but Shaq is really getting on my nerves. First and foremost, he needs to kill the “Can you dig it?” chants. IT’S PLAYED! Second, as I predicted after the trade, Shaq is finally getting in the shape that Lakers fans and coaches have been PLEADING for him to be in for the last FOUR YEARS. I guess being traded is what it takes to motivate him these days. Heaven forbid the Heat trade him anytime soon; he might get so angry that he drops to Manute Bol’s playing weight. Finally, I’m not even going to speak on his LAME ASS joint where he disses Skillz and Kobe. It sounds like someone is still quite bitter over the fact that he wasn’t chosen over Kobe. Alas.

30th Edition - September 10th, 2004

–Oh yeah, Shaq recorded that song A WHILE ago, how late was ESPN with that story?

–After all the insanity that has occurred since the Pistons won the Glory, I’ve decided to refer to this off-season as the “Gimme The Loot Summer.” Apparently Sonics guard Ray Allen wants a contract extension that’ll pay him 100 million bucks.

–I can’t blame him either. He’s a fly ball player, and after cats like Erick Dampier, Jamal Crawford, and Brian Cardinal got BROKE OFF, Ray Allen definitely deserves his share of the league’s new effort to boost the economy.

–It’s nice that the Rockets got Dikembe Mutombo in a trade. He’ll be a good back up for Yao, and he’ll make Houston’s defense even stronger. However, if they don’t get a quality point guard before the season starts, everything they’ve done won’t really matter.

–Allen Iverson was recently booed at a Phillies game.

–Even though he was one of the best players on the US Men’s Basketball team.

–Even though he’s the ONLY reason people pay ANY attention to the Sixers.

–What else can you expect from people who live in a town where they have a statue dedicated to a fictional character?

–They do know that Rocky’s not real?


–I think it’s interesting that all these prognosticators (Stephen A. Smith and Ric Bucher) are so sure about how Kobe’s going to react now that he doesn’t have the possibility of prison hanging over his head.

–And how wild are these media types?

–As soon as it was announced that the case had been dropped, people started saying how now he’s going to become more aloof and build more walls around him.

–Wasn’t it already established that no one out side of the people close to him really knows Kobe?

–And then they started asking about his marketability.

–As if he DIDN’T have other things to worry about.

–As if he DOESN’T have other things to worry about.

–Kobe will be aiight…I guess.

–I hope Chamique Holdsclaw comes back next season (if the WNBA still exists) healthy?

–So now Baron Davis has allegedly demanded a trade?

–After the team brought in a coach (Byron Scott) that HE endorsed?

–The NBA is dangerously close to being out of control. And to think there may be a lockout after next season.

–The fact that Gary Payton thought that he could back off a freeway ON RAMP (inebriated or not) only justifies why I’m ELATED that he’s no longer a Laker.

–Karl Malone needs to hurry up and decide between retirement and the Lakers. If he opts to play and join another team, it would look DISGUSTINGLY desperate.

Aiight, I’m done.