Tuesday , Sep , 28 , 2004 C.Y. Ellis

31st Edition – September 27th, 2004


Since we’re just a few mere days away from training camp (Yeaaaaaaaaaaaah boy!!!), I’ve come up with a few intriguing NBA questions for y’all to ponder.

So without further ado, answer me these…

31st Edition - September 27th, 20041. Now that Dwyane Wade’s talent is no longer a secret, can he handle the pressure of delivering on a nightly basis with defenses gearing to stop him?

2. If Vince Carter doesn’t bring the noise this season, will he officially be stripped of his “superstar” status? I mean come on Vince… damn!

3. Does anyone actually believe that Don Nelson will put more emphasis on defense this season?

4. And if he does, do any of the Mavs know how to play defense?

5. Will Gary Payton show up in Boston?

6. I know the Nuggets had a nice off-season and all, but people don’t really think they can go from barely making the playoffs to title contenders that quickly do they?

7. Why didn’t ESPN renew the contract of their BEST NBA reporter David Aldridge?

8. Will it finally happen for Grant Hill this year?

9. The Knicks are going to suck, understand me?

10. How soon before Tracy McGrady and Jeff Van Gundy clash?

11. And why would anyone want Tyronn Lue, Bob Sura, and Charlie Ward to be their point guards?

12. Will Devean George FINALLY live up to that SURDICULOUS contract the Lakers gave him, or will he continue to steal money?

13. When the Kings don’t win the championship next spring, will they finally come to the conclusion that the rest of the basketball world did the day they missed all of those free throws in Game 7 of the 2002 Western Conference Finals?

14. Is anyone as excited as I am about the preeminent exposure of Richard Jefferson as a fugazy superstar?

15. Will Yao officially take Shaq’s spot as the league’s premiere center?

16. Will Larry Brown let Darko play?

17. Can the Pistons repeat like real champions?

18. Did the Warriors really sign Derek Freakin’ Fisher for that MUCH money?

19. Who will emerge as the NBA’s undisputed best player? Because with the break up of Shaq and Kobe, KG being the reigning MVP, Tim Duncan being Tim Duncan, all the other great players doing their thing, and the basketball landscape being shook up as it has, that title is DEFINITELY up for grabs.

And that’s that, nineteen thought provoking questions.