Sunday , Oct , 31 , 2004 C.Y. Ellis

Spyda, the newest member of the And1 Mix Tape Team

He came strong in 2003, but didn’t get all the votes he needed to join the AND 1 Mix Tape squad. When the 2004 Tour rolled around, Spyda saw himself as the man to beat. He had been through it before, knew the struggles players go through while out on the road and was determined to prove himself worthy of a permanent spot on Tour.

Spyda, the newest member of the And1 Mix Tape Team

Spyda jumped on in Las Vegas and was consistent the rest of the way through, quickly becoming one of the crowd favorites and a leader on every team he played with. By the time the Tour was in DC for the 2004 finale, the AND 1 Mix Tape Players knew that he deserved to run with them.

The newest member of the AND 1 Mix Tape Team isn’t just about dunking on anyone in his path; he’ll pull up for the J or dish an oop whenever he can…but if you happen to be in the paint when he’s flying to the hole, get out of the way or you’ll end up as a victim on the next tape.

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