Monday , Nov , 08 , 2004 C.Y. Ellis

34th Edition – November 7, 2004

And so it begins…

Here are my impressions:

–The Sacramento Kings don’t look too good. I know it’s early, but I gotta feeling things aren’t going to get any better. But when you have a player like Chris Webber as your team leader, then you’re only destined for heartbreak and disappointment.

34th Edition - November 7, 2004–The so-called new “Shaq and Kobe” in Houston are off to a slow start.

–I would call the Nuggets overrated, but I never thought they were as good as people thought. This is a team that barely made the playoffs last season and now just because they signed Kenyon Martin (who is VASTLY overrated), they’re supposed to be elite? Never mind the surdiculousness of that theory, but that type of meteoric rise against the laws of basketball.

–How about those Grizzlies? Losing your home opener is one thing, but losing your home opener in your BRAND NEW ARENA to the Washington Wizards is disgusting!!

–Save for Greg Anthony, all of the analysts that appear on ESPN’s pre-game show “Shoot Around” are the worst. Especially George Karl, an out of work coach who’s never led a team to a championship and speaks as if HE INVENTED THE GAME OF BASKETBALL.

–And speaking of ESPN analysts, what happened to Kevin Frazier? And how did he end up being a correspondent for Entertainment Tonight?

–The Pistons are going to be tough to beat.

–Shaq saying that the Lakers organization never told him to slim down is bullsh–!

–I still think LeBron is better than Carmelo.

–New Jersey sucks.

–If another NBA player or professional athlete for that matter uses the “I’m trying to feed my family” excuse during a contract dispute with their team, I’M PULLIN’ THEIR EFFIN’ CARD!!!

–It’s obvious that the national and a lot of the local media (I live in L.A.) are rooting against the Lakers.

–I really, really, really, really, really hope Grant Hill’s ankle holds up.

–The shoes are cool, but I’m not feelin’ LeBron’s new Nike ad.

–I’m sayin’ the Bobcats win between 15 and 20 games this season.

–Why did some teams (Miami, Toronto, and New Orleans) wear their road jerseys at home?

–Charles Barkley only likes three players in the league, KG, Duncan, and Shaq.

–There will be a record number of free throws attempted this year.

–Chris Duhon is getting more run (AMAZINGLY) for the Bulls than Ben Gordon.

–Orlando is going to be fun to watch.

–I love ’em, but watching Magic on TNT is absolutely PAINFUL.

–It’s going to be a wild season and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Aiight y’all.

And one more thing… GO LAKERS!!!