Monday , Nov , 22 , 2004 C.Y. Ellis

35th Edition – November 21, 2004

I’m sure you’ve heard and read everything about the riot act at The Palace, so I’ll just say a few simple words on the matter and move on.

35th Edition - November 21, 2004–First of all, Ben Wallace OVERREACTED when he pushed Ron Artest. He allowed his frustration over the Pistons eminent loss to the Pacers to take control of his emotions.

–Second, the fans that took part in the melee got what they deserved. If a person has the guts to cross the line (hitting or throwing objects at a player), then they should be prepared for whatever it is that awaits them when they arrive (a fist to the jaw).

–Third, what’s up with the security? Where were they and how did they allow that incident to get out of hand?

–After the fines and suspensions are levied, the Pacers can kiss their title hopes goodbye.

–There will be a great deal of lawsuits filed when all the dust settles.

With that said, on to the games…

–This Vince Carter situation disheartens me. IPods? Trade rumors? Benched in the fourth quarter? Who would have ever thought that getting a college degree would lead to all of that?

–What the Sonics are doing is impressive, but I still believe that once the clock strikes midnight, reality will set in and they’ll go back to being just another mediocre team.

–Dwyane Wade has taken Carmelo Anthony’s spot.

–Phoenix is good, but they aren’t THAT GOOD. So settle down on the hype.

–Is everyone as happy as I am that Grant Hill is still going strong?

–Since the All Star Game will be in Denver this season, a few of the Nuggets players unveiled the ballots and initiated the voting process. But the funny thing is if the Nuggets keep playing the way they have, none of them will be on the All Star team.

–I know moving to the Western Conference was tough, but damn Hornets, that doesn’t mean y’all can’t win a game or two.

–The Knicks were a mess before Isiah, they’re a mess with Isiah, and they’ll probably be a mess after Isiah.

–Did y’all see Kevin Garnett outclass Shaq last week? He has officially become my second favorite player.

–Lamar Odom is underachieving…so far.

–I’m not feelin’ Carmelo’s new shoe either. And what’s the deal with Tommy Davidson?

–Oh, and if I can digress for a moment. If Terrell Owens were white, that Monday Night Football incident wouldn’t have been a big deal.

Aiight, have a Happy Thanksgiving.