Tuesday , Jan , 04 , 2005 C.Y. Ellis

38th Edition – January 3rd, 2005


1. Will the arrival of Vince Carter really prevent Jason Kidd from seeking a trade?

2. Speaking of Vinsanity, will he find his soul in New Jersey?

3. As sensational as Dwyane Wade’s play has been, will it be enough to carry the Heat to the Glory? Because Shaq’s best days have CLEARLY been left in Southern California?

4. How long before Yao Ming realizes that unless he makes some significant changes in his approach as a basketball player, he’ll be referred to as a BUST?

5. Who is surprised by Eddy Curry’s positive play now that he’s eligible for a new contract?

38th Edition - January 3rd, 20056. Do the Phoenix Suns actually believe they have a legitimate chance to win the championship?

7. Did the San Antonio Spurs really pay Brent Barry all that money to play fewer minutes than Devin Brown?!

8. Wouldn’t a trade of Caron Butler and Luke Walton for Shareef Abdur-Rahim make the Lakers A LOT better than they are?

9. Why doesn’t Pau Gasol play in the NBA like he did in the Olympics?

10. What has Jim Jackson done to end up in New Orleans?

11. Who reads ESPN’s Chad Ford’s NBA columns?

11.5 . AND WHY?

12. What’s up with the Timberwolves?

13. Is Carmelo Anthony slightly overrated?

14. Is Phil Jackson Denver bound?

15. Are the Pistons’ struggles since the “Rumble in the Palace” a result of bad karma?

16. Now that Gary Payton has tainted his Hall of Fame career, is Boston the closest he’ll ever get to Springfield, Massachusetts?

17. Why doesn’t the NBA league office have a greater presence in Los Angeles?

18. Who made all these OLD to MIDDLE AGED WHITE journalists authorities on Hip Hop Culture and it’s affect on NBA players?

19. After the first round of the playoffs mercilessly drags on AGAIN, will the NBA do the right thing and revert back to the 5-game format?

20. Do the Spurs or anyone else for that matter really need Karl Malone and his desperate and DISGUSTING attempt to win a ring he’s NEVER going to get?

Happy New Year!