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Hollywood Hoops basketball team

Hollywood Hoops is an established entertainment basketball team that plays in streetball games, celebrity games and basketball tournaments through out California. Hollywood Hoops is different than other streetball teams. This is a celebrity basketball team that has players with substantial credentials, which means that most of these players are being seen on the screen in basketball videos, commercials, movies and television series.

Hollywood Hoops is a celebrity streetball networking team that is constantly linking up with other celebrities and well known streetball players in the community. Jude “Hollywood” Thomas, is the founder of this team. Hollywood, is a well known streetball player based in Los Angeles, California that was able to put together his own streetball team and join up with many celebrities for future basketball events and all other related functions.

Hollywood Hoops basketball team


Height: 6’0″
Weight: 160
Position: Point Guard
Hometown: Hollywood, CA
Home Court: Hollywood Recreation Center

High School: Los Angeles High

Recent Credits: Founder/CEO of the Hollywood Hoops Entertainment Streetball Team. NBA’s 76er’s “Pat Croce” Reality Basketball TV show on KCOP 13. Nike Freestyle Basketball Commercial aired in Europe. Dime magazine and Symbolic Rims magazine. “Maad Sports” on BET.

Hollywood is best known for entertaining large crowds with his ability to do fancy tricks and his unique style of play with his ball handling skills.



Height: 6’0″
Weight: 170
Position: Shooting Guard
Hometown: Los Angeles
Home Court: Venice Beach
High School: Westchester High


Credits: “Slamball Superstar” on Spike TV. “Nike Freestyle” basketball commercials. “Method and Redman” TV series on FOX 11. Le Bron James Nike basketball commercial. “Love and Basketball” movie, starring Omar Epps. Nike print/ads for magazines. Inches in known for an opening to execute his legendary McNasty, a 360 degree through the legs slam on a 45 degree axis of rotation.

Inches is regarded to be the Michael Jordan of Slamball, he is defenitely the fan’s favorite.



Height: 6’4″
Weight: 245
Position: Small Forward
Hometown: Los Angeles
Home Court: Robertson Recreation Center
High School: Hamilton High
College: L.A. Trade Tech College

Credits: “Maad Sports” on BET. “Slam From The Streets” Basketball DVD, Venice Beach Edition.

Rainmaker is known for his consistant long range three point shots and don’t be surprise with his trickery ball handling skills.


The Legend

Dale Baxter earned his name “The Legend” for being the best play by play announcer (M.C.) for all of the Celebrity and Streetball games put down in the West Coast. His great perfomances and West Coast style keeps him being invited to the biggest events, such as The Magic Johnson, Joe Torry, Nate Dogg, and The Los Angeles Times “Kid City” basketball events.You can catch the Legend in some of the Streetball Dvd’s and he was the hype man on the movie Dodgeball. 

The Legend is known for keeping the crowd entertained with his comical and verbal techniques.


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