Saturday , May , 12 , 2007 C.Y. Ellis

Dennis Chism AKA Spyda

Dennis Chism AKA SpydaCurrent member of the Ball4Real Tour

Name: Dennis Chism

Home Town: Atlanta, GA

Current Residence: Atlanta, GA

Position: Point Guard

Favorite Court: Run N’ Shoot in Atlanta

Height: 5′ 10′

Weight: 175

High School: Cedar Grove High School in Decatur, GA (class of 1999)

College: Spyda attended Andrew College in Cuthbert, GA for one year. He started at point guard for the junior college and averaged 21 points and seven assists.

Other Experience: In 2003-2004, Spyda played for the Las Vegas Rattlers of the ABA where he started at point guard and averaged 11 points and five assists during the season. The team finished third in the ABA after losing in the first round of the playoffs despite Spyda’s 30 point and 10 assist effort. In 2004, he played part of the season with The Boston Frenzy of the ABA and then in the summer joined the AND 1 Mix Tape Tour as a contest player and was awarded the contract and featured on the ESPN TV Series Streetball from 2004 through 2006.

Earned Street Name: Spyda earned his street name while playing ball at The Run N’ Shoot in Atlanta. He was first called “Rim Crawler” because of his jumping ability but AND 1 teammate Hot Sauce eventually named him Spyda because “he was catching everything”.

Spyda Says: “Streetball is where I belong – I made a name for myself with my rim crawing & dunking all over the place. It’s my job – I love everything about my job. I’m short but I can really get up for my height – I surprise people Spyda does what Spyda do!”