Tuesday , Nov , 30 , 1999 C.Y. Ellis

Jamar Davis AKA Pharmacist

Jamar Davis AKA PharmacistCurrent member of the Ball4Real Tour

Name: Jamar Davis

Home Town: Bronx, NY

Current Residence: Mount Vernon, NY

Position: point guard

Favorite Court: 4th Street Park (Mount Vernon)

Height: 5′ 7"

Weight: 189

High School: Mount Vernon High School (class of 2001)

College: n/a

Other Experience: Pharmacist played ball this summer at the famed Rucker Park in NYC on Team Ruff Ryders. His major highlight came when he pulled a defender’s jersey completely off while maintaining possession of the ball. He also played in the 2003-2004 Pro League in Engelwood, NJ on Team Uptown where he averaged more than 20 points and eight assists. Pharmacist joined the And1 Mix Tape Tour in 2003 and starred in the ESPN TV Series Streetball from 2003 thru 2006.

Earned Street Name: While playing ball at Rucker Park in 2001, he was nicknamed the Pharmacist by Hannibal (The Rucker MC) because his moves were “morphine based”.

Pharmacist Says: I have played in the ABA for the Chicago Rock Stars and at the Rucker EBC Classic. I made a name for myself by being the best on the court at embarrassing people – they look at me and don’t expect me to have the moves I have. It has been great to travel all over the world to play and meet people from different cultures. It was so cool to be in Japan and have people yelling your name on the street! Yeah, that was almost as cool as people yellin my name at the Garden when I stripped Hot Sauce of his jersey right in the middle of the action for everyone to see.