Thursday , Feb , 17 , 2005 C.Y. Ellis

41st Edition – February 17th, 2005

‘Sup y’all, I have some random thoughts to share, so…

* Has it finally occurred to the Raptors that they just GAVE Vince Carter away? And does Vince feel just a little bit guilty about QUITING on an organization that gave him a $94 million contract?

41st Edition - February 17th, 2005* I know Alonzo Mourning’s kidney situation was and is sad, but I’m not feelin’ him. And he looked surdiculous with that bandana on his head last Sunday. And just for the record, I never thought he was that great of a ball player.

* Spree and Sam I Am have Flip Saunders’ blood on their hands.

* I think the referees have a beef with the Sacramento Kings.

* What was the real purpose of ESPN’s horrendous “Curse of Jordan” series last week?

* Steve Nash and Ray Allen definitely deserve to go to the All Star game, but start over Kobe and McGrady??? Even under the most obvious circumstances, that’s never going to happen, so people need to get accustomed to that and move on.

* LeBron better be careful because the media is doing an EXTRAORDINARY job of building him up to lofty heights. And we all know what they do after they build you up.

* Wouldn’t it be fitting if Grant Hill won the All Star game MVP award?

* In the wake of his retirement, isn’t referring to Karl Malone as the greatest power forward ever just a pity label for a player that wasn’t as good as he was made out to be? I mean Tim Duncan is already better than Malone EVER was.

* I respect Reggie Miller, but he wasn’t a great basketball player. He was a very good player who happened to be a great SHOOTER, and that’s my word.

* Ron Artest got Law & Ordered.

* Y’all want to know what the definition of an uncomfortable experience is. Kobe’s going to be in Denver for THREE CONSECUTIVE DAYS… God Bless him.