Friday , Feb , 25 , 2005 C.Y. Ellis

Chaney suspended for two more games

Philadelphia, PA (Sports Network) – Temple basketball coach John Chaney has
been suspended for the remainder of the regular season. The suspension stems
from Chaney’s comments and actions surrounding a game against Saint Joseph’s
on Tuesday.

School president David Adamany announced the suspension on Friday, one day
after Hawks forward John Bryant was diagnosed with a broken arm as the result
of a deliberate foul by Temple’s Nehemiah Ingram in Tuesday’s game.

Chaney hinted on Monday and admitted after the game that he sent the seldom-
used Ingram into the game to get even for what he thought were illegal screens
by Saint Joseph’s that were not being called by the officials.

“In light of the severity of the injury to Saint Joseph’s University
basketball player John Bryant, suffered as a result of the actions of Temple’s
basketball program, I have decided to suspend coach John Chaney for the
remainder of the regular season,” Adamany said through a news release.

Ingram threw several elbows, one connecting to the chin of Hawks center Dwayne
Jones. He then fouled Bryant hard under the basket with one hand while using
the other to throw the off-balanced Hawk to the floor. Bryant left the game
and did not return. He was in obvious pain on the Saint Joseph’s bench.

Bryant, a senior, is not likely to play another college basketball game. In
112 career games, Bryant, a starter on the Hawks’ Elite Eight squad last
season, scored 288 points and grabbed 317 rebounds.

Ingram, who is 6’8″ and 250 pounds, fouled out of the game in just four
minutes. “That’s what happens. That’s what happens,” Chaney said Tuesday. “I’m
a mean, ornery, son of a bitch. You understand? When I see something wrong, I
try to right it. I try to do the same thing they’re doing.

“I’m sending a message,” Chaney said after the game. “I’m going to send in
what we used to do years ago, send in the goons.”

The Hall of Fame coach imposed a one-game suspension on himself Wednesday, so
Adamany’s penalty essentially adds two games. Chaney will miss Saturday’s game
against Massachusetts and the final two games of the regular season next week
against Rhode Island and La Salle.

Atlantic 10 Conference commissioner Linda Bruno, who was yelled at by Chaney
as he entered the interview room after Tuesday’s game, also responded Friday.

“Coach Chaney has a responsibility as a teacher and mentor. His actions and
words are seen and read by millions and he has a responsibility to conduct
himself in a manner befitting a Hall of Fame coach, as well as a
representative of a great university and our conference,” Bruno said in a
released statement. “In this instance he failed to meet these
responsibilities. Coach Chaney’s actions were completely unacceptable to the
membership of the Atlantic 10 and he is aware that our Code of Conduct states
any further behavior that does not reflect the standards of our conference
will have severe consequences.”

Chaney is expected to be back on the bench for the conference tournament,
which begins on March 9 in Cincinnati. Dan Leibovitz will assume the head
coaching duties with the help of fellow assistants Bill Ellerbee and former
Temple star Mark Macon.

The Hawks beat Temple Tuesday for the sixth consecutive time.