Monday , Feb , 28 , 2005 C.Y. Ellis

42nd Edition – February 28th, 2005

A few words on All-Star Weekend

1. Uninspired
2. Blasé
3. Boring
4. Absurd

A few thoughts on All-Star Weekend

–Whoever came up with the idea where you have a current, retired, and WNBA player competing together during the league’s marquee event needs to be reprimanded. And what’s up with Magic Johnson??? He’s a legend for Christ’s sake! Why would he subject himself to such foolishness? You don’t see Larry Bird or Michael Jordan EMBARASSING themselves by participating in those 3-on-3 challenges EVERY All-Star game. 

42nd Edition - February 28th, 2005
–Ray Allen should be ASHAMED of himself to know that Quentin “Pound on my head EVERYTIME after I make a basket” Richardson won a shooting contest that included himself.

–The dunk contest was entertaining for the first time in YEARS, but I wouldn’t brand it as “back” like Magic Johnson did. Which reminds me…


–Kelly Clarkson? Miri Ben-Ari? Big & Rich (with a black country rapper and dwarf in tow)? Damn yo, does the NBA have any idea who their primary audience is?

–What was up with Allen Iverson and his man crush on Shaq? Greatest player to EVER play the game? I haven’t seen that much boot licking and kneecap sucking since Jamie Foxx gave Tom Cruise the same treatment after “Collateral” was released.

–I could be wrong, but didn’t it seem like Allen Iverson won the MVP by default?

–Those football warm up shirts were AWFUL.

–It seems like the NBA is trying too hard to please everyone.

Reading The Trades


–I’m thinking Kings VP of Basketball Operations Geoff Petrie was drugged and bamboozled into making this deal. That’s the only logic I can apply to this trade (unless Peja made a power move). Now I’m no fan of Chris Webber, but I recognize that he is a quality player and if you’re going to swap him make sure you don’t get GARBAGE in return. Crazy, or maybe that’s all Webber is worth nowadays.


–Say what you want about Danny Ainge, but he doesn’t let his personal feelings get in the way of business. After bashing Antoine Walker’s game and shipping him out of town, he reacquires him for Gary Payton. Here’s my question, why? Walker’s game hasn’t changed since then, why bring him back now? Especially when they have a budding power forward in Al Jefferson whose playing time will undoubtedly be diminished. Maybe this was just a reactionary move after the Sixers acquired Chris Webber, but to me, this looks like a case where the Celtics made a trade just for the sake of trading.

*New York

–Isiah traded his only true center (Nazr Muhammad) for ANOTHER power forward (Malik Rose and two first round picks) and then sent two non-descript players (Moochie Norris and Vin Baker) to Houston for ANOTHER power forward (Maurice Taylor and a second round pick). The only question that remains is who will be the three power forwards Isiah will draft with those picks?

*Golden State

–After figuring out the error of his ways last summer, Chris Mullin made a strong move in acquiring Baron Davis. Now if Baron can stop whining and stay healthy he may reclaim his status as one of the best point guards in the league instead of a guy who got traded for Speedy Claxton and Dale Davis (ouch!).

*The Rest

–There were some other trades by Dallas, Milwaukee, Denver, Charlotte and Miami, but they aren’t significant enough for me to care or write about. You may not consider my reasoning professional, but whatever.

One more thing before I go, Miami Herald columnist Dan LeBatard speaks as if Shaquille O’Neal and Dwyane Wade INVENTED basketball. Advice to Dan, STOP JOCKIN’!!! The Heat haven’t won ANYTHING yet.