Wednesday , Mar , 16 , 2005 C.Y. Ellis

43rd Edition – March 15, 2005

Disclaimer: This article was inspired by the comments of a reader who feels that I don’t show any love in my columns.


43rd Edition - March 15, 2005THE LIKE/LOVE/DISLIKE/HATE ISSUE

I like the Clippers.

I love the Lakers.

I dislike George Karl.

I hate all Philadelphia sports teams.

I like reading about basketball.

I love talking about basketball.

I dislike discussing basketball with people who think they know the game.

I hate writing about anything, except basketball.

I like Dywane Wade.

I used to love Shaq.

I dislike the Miami Heat.

I hate how people act like they’ve already won the Glory.

I like ESPN.

I love Tony Kornheiser and Mike Wilbon.

I dislike Tim Legler and Mike Greenberg.

I hate Stuart Scott’s lingo and that “Dream Job” show.

I like David Stern.

I love the NBA.

I dislike what happened to the Pacers this season.

I hate how some high and mighty people tried to make the brawl in Detroit a Black/Hip-Hop thing.

I like that NBA player contracts are guaranteed.

I love that people can make surdiculous amounts of money playing a game.

I dislike that people think there’s something wrong with that.

I hate that people forget that team owners make more money than the players who generate the income.

I like sports apparel.

I love Nike.

I dislike the fact that shoe designers have run out of good ideas for basketball shoes so they’re relying on retros.

I hate the new Air Jordan XX.

I like LeBron James.

I love Kobe Bryant.

I dislike how analysts are constantly comparing them.

I hate how EVERYONE is going out of their way to find something that they think makes LeBron better than Kobe…even though he’s not.

I like the Connecticut Huskies (men’s team only).

I love the tournament.

I dislike the current North Carolina Tar Heels.

I hate Kansas, Stanford, Billy Packer, and how loud and obnoxious Dick Vitale is.

I like when people take time out to read my articles.

I love when people take time out to comment about my articles.

Sometimes I dislike my articles.

But I never hate…at least not on myself that is.