Sunday , Apr , 03 , 2005 C.Y. Ellis

‘The Legend’ Coke commercial

What has created such a huge debate around the Coke “The Legend” commercial?

It’s the fact that people did not know who the gray-bearded guy giving a lesson to the young player was.

Discussions have been going around forums and basketball courts. Some names came up such as James Worthy, George Gervin. Some other thought it was an old Harlem-Globetrotter’s player.

The answer is that the guy is Nigel Miguel, a former UCLA player (1982-85) who then turned actor.

Miguel was born in Belize and raised in Southern California. He played basketball at Notre Dame High School and was soon chosen to play in the McDonald’s High School All-Star Game, which featured the top 20 high school basketball players in the country. His classmates that year included Patrick Ewing, Charles Barkley, Chris Mullin and Michael Jordan.

Miguel was drafted by the New Jersey Nets before an injury forced him to change his career on the court from a star player to actor.

For those of you who wonder in what movies Nigel Miguel’s played, here is his filmography:
American History X (1998) – Basketball Player
Forget Paris (1995) – Basketball Player
The Air Up There (1994) – Halawi
Blue Chips (1994) – Dolphin
White Men Can’t Jump (1992) – Dwight “The Flight” McGhee
Heaven Is a Playground (1992) – Casey
Colors (1988) – Snakedance

To view the commercial, click here.

For more info on this discovery, please read this article from Bob Young.