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NBA Trash Talk Special Edition: NBA All-Hated Team

Hi, all. In last week’s edition of NBA Trash Talk, I encouraged you to get your hating caps on and to vote for the players you most despised. Having collected and tabulated your responses – of which there were many – I can now present the world’s first NBA All-Hated team. Before we begin, I’d like to thank the good folks at the Post Up forum ( and the message board users at for their invaluable input, as well as everyone who voted using the comment box or via email.

You all deserve a P.H.D. (a Player-Hater Degree, if you didn’t know) for your efforts. I was amazed to discover the level of hatred in the fans out there, and surprised at some of your choices. The usual suspects have their places, and a few I chose as sleepers turned out to be less popular than expected. In short, there was more than enough hatred to go around, and you showed no embarrassment in calling out those you loathe. That said, I’d recommend that some of you seek professional help; it’s unnatural to hate men you’ve never met quite that much.

<b>NBA Trash Talk Special Edition</b>: <i>NBA All-Hated Team</i>“/>So, without further ado, I give you the <i>Trash Talk</i> All-Hated Team, with the percentage of all votes for that position each player received: </p>
<p><b>Guard</b> – Kobe Bryant: 28% </p>
<p><b>Guard</b> – Stevie Francis: 11% </p>
<p><b>Forward</b> – Vince Carter: 10% </p>
<p><b>Forward</b> – Antoine Walker: 10% </p>
<p><b>Centre</b> – Yao Ming: 18% </p>
<p>Let’s take a look at each of those players individually. </p>
<p><b>Kobe Bryant</b> <br />Bryant was by far the most popular selection, receiving more than twice as many votes as any other player, and enough as both a guard and a forward to make the team. However, Kobe was also the most frequently – and vehemently – defended of all those to have received a vote. Almost as many voted for the Los Angeles guard as spoke up on his behalf, resulting in some pretty heated debates. If one thing was made clear by this experiment, it’s that Kobe Bryant inspires strong feelings both ways. Here are some of the negative comments regarding the Lakers’ problematic guard: </p>
<p><i>"…he’s always in the news for something negative. Maybe if he’ll ever stop creating controversy then people will stop the hating."</i> – BMT05 </p>
<p><i>"Kobe can play all 5 for me…and 6th man"</i> – seal614 </p>
<p><i>"Why do we hate Kobe? He sucks." </i>– Lemon </p>
<p>But, on the other side of the coin: </p>
<p><i>"Why all of the Kobe Hating? He is one of the five best players in the league. He is selfish, but most super stars are."</i> – The Show </p>
<p><i>"He the only one that play with heart on that team."</i> – Yak Em Up </p>
<p><i>"ALL YOU KOBE HATERS ARE JEALOUS"</i> – bronbron23 </p>
<p>Yikes. Easy there, bronbron. </p>
<p>There were also various unsavoury comments regarding his sexual assault case, a number of complaints that he was a ball-hog and a few voters who justified their hatred by claiming that the disintegration of the dynasty and Los Angeles’ current poor performance were his fault. Whatever the reason, Kobe Bryant has irked enough of you that he has assured his place on the All-Hated team for many years to come, and is, for now at least, the league’s most abhorred. </p>
<p><b>Stevie Francis</b> <br />Franchise picked up over a tenth of the guard votes, eliciting more threats of violence than any other player. Although a fan favourite when in Houston, he alienated an entire country before he even set foot on an NBA floor by snubbing the Vancouver Grizzlies and forcing the trade to Texas. Often cited as being selfish, he ruffled enough feathers to receive the second-highest individual vote total, securing his place in the inaugural All-Hated starting five. </p>
<p><i>"This guy makes A.I look like the second coming of Stocton (sic). He curses out his teammates. I was at a game when he played my Toronto Raptors and dude was going off on Jameer Nelson because he came down and passed the ball to grant Hill instead of him for the 17th time in a row."</i> – King Gargon </p>
<p><b>Vince Carter</b> <br />Another man less than popular in the Great White North, Vince Carter drew the ire of voters from all over the world to earn his spot. That said, a number of those who chose the North Carolina product for their five pointed to his underachieving ways, claiming that they voted for him only because of the talent he’s squandering. More than anything, however, he was hated on for being soft, with several voters referring to him as "Charmin" Carter. </p>
<p><i>"A man without honour. Also is a huge whiny baby."</i> – SkiptoMyLue11 </p>
<p><i>"…over the years I’ve begun to notice what a huge diva this guy was…incredibly ungrateful when TO did so much for him over the years."</i> – raptors4life </p>
<p><i>"Soft, soft, soft, soft."</i> – J_Killa </p>
<p><b>Antoine Walker</b> <br />Although I was well aware that ‘Toine had his enemies, I was shocked to see his name crop up so frequently. Whether or not those votes were cast by Danny Ainge under various pseudonyms I can’t tell you, but, assuming they weren’t, it appears that the two-time Celtic is one of the league’s least popular players. Many chose his atrocious shot selection as the main reason to dislike him, with his defunct post-bucket celebrations coming in a close second. Say what you want, but I loved the shimmy. </p>
<p><i>"I always hated him. His style of play, his stupid shake and his ill-advised 3. He’s also very cocky when he’s not really all that."</i> – spawn </p>
<p><b>Yao Ming</b> <br />Houston’s big man has the dubious honour of being the league’s most scorned centre, narrowly edging out Minnesota’s Michael Olowokandi. Much like Vince Carter, Yao didn’t so much anger the voters as disappoint them, with many claiming to have chosen him only because he hasn’t yet fulfilled his potential or justified the hype. Another factor to be considered is that there are only three true, well-known centres in the league, pitting him against Z and Shaq, with the former showing little personality and the latter being too damn likeable to grab a significant number of votes. </p>
<p><i>"I hate Yao Ming because he gets all of the attention in all games I’ve seen him play in."</i> – elijahser </p>
<p><i>"…he isn’t aggressive and if he was then the rockets would be better."</i> – konvoy </p>
<p>Taking another look at the five, it’s interesting to note that every single player has made an All-Star game in the past few seasons, with three actually starting in this year’s contest. "Isn’t that strange?" you ask. Well, not particularly. Good (and therefore high-profile) players will always split opinions, and fans are fickle, meaning that for every supporter, there is likely to be a hater. </p>
<p>The second team (seen below) is, with the obvious exception of Olowokandi, similarly talented, further strengthening the idea that great players are loved and hated in equal measure. </p>
<p><b>Guard</b> – Allen Iverson </p>
<p><b>Guard</b> – Gary Payton </p>
<p><b>Forward</b> – Chris Webber </p>
<p><b>Forward</b> – Dirk Nowitzki </p>
<p><b>Centre</b> – Michael Olowokandi </p>
<p>Anyway, that’s quite enough for this edition. Once again, I thank you all for your input. If you have any comments, questions or suggestions, feel free to use the comment box at the bottom of the page or to email me at Don’t forget to check in next week, when I’ll be continuing with my analysis of the M.V.P. race. </p>
<p>Take it easy now, </p>
<p>Chuck. </p>