Tuesday , May , 03 , 2005 C.Y. Ellis

Jay Boogie and the Hooptainers

Jay “Boogie” Brantley was born and raised in South Central Los Angeles. He played for two years at the University of Las Vegas. Since then, Jay has been seen playing professional ball in Europe, touring with And1 on the Mixtape Tour, ….

Jay is now using his basketball skills and life experience to do community work and improve youth’s confidence through his program “The Running J’s

Jay is the originator of the streetball entertainment group called “The Hooptainers”. The team includes streetball legends and celebrities such as Now U Know, K-Ups, The Specialist and many more. Their show is a high energy, positive experience featuring hip-hop music, spectacular dribble moves and dunks.

Hosting a LA Hooptainers game is a great way to raise funds for your organization, school, or charitable cause, and a refreshing change from the typical candy or magazine sales.

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Jay Boogie and the Hooptainers