Monday , Apr , 25 , 2005 C.Y. Ellis

NBA Trash Talk: Volume XVII

Hi, all. The playoffs are underway! Normally I despise the use of exclamation points, but this is one of the rare occasions where it can be justified. At this point of the year, every drop of sweat, every flex of every muscle and every squeak of every pen on a dry-wipe board in sixteen arenas across America (sorry, Toronto) means that much more. Sneakers are tied tighter, socks are pulled higher and the sweat circles on every coach’s designer suit are larger (I’m talking to you, Stan Van Gundy). Uncertainty marks the time, and only one thing is definite: fifteen playoff teams will go home with nothing.

In the last edition of Trash Talk, I took you through my analysis of the first-round match-ups in the western conference. With the seeding finally established, I’ll now go on to break down the picture in the east, where games are already underway.

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