Tuesday , May , 10 , 2005 C.Y. Ellis

For The Love – 46th Edition

Observations from the First Round

–I enjoyed watching the Spurs serve the Nuggets (I seriously dislike them). Actually, I was surprised Denver won a game! Well, I guess they didn’t really win a game as much as the Spurs just went cold in the 4th quarter of Game 1. It blew me away how some people actually believed that the Nuggets would be a tough match up for the Spurs. I mean they weren’t a seventh seed for nothing. And they were playing the Spurs for goodness sake!

For The Love - 46th Edition–The Grizzles have made the playoffs for two consecutive years and have yet to win a game. What’s the point of going to the dance if you aren’t going to make your presence known?

–How come people aren’t making a bigger deal out of the fact that the Houston Rockets inexplicably and disgustingly CHOKED???!!!

–Joe Johnson is the most underrated member of the Phoenix Suns.

–Two Game 7s…Two blowouts. That has to be a league first.

–Let’s not blame Chicago’s collapse on inexperience and youth, but instead, call it what it truly was… stupid. What a waste!

–And what the hell happened to Ben Gordon in Game 6?

–I can’t stand Alonzo Mourning. The way he screwed over New Jersey and Toronto and then prostituted himself to have the opportunity to win the Glory is sickening.

–Watching Paul Pierce get himself ejected in Game 6 verses the Pacers was one of the most amazing displays of brain freeze that I have ever seen in my life.

–Why was there so much hugging and kissing in the Pistons/Sixers series? These are the playoffs! After every game, players from both teams embraced as if they were playing in an All-Star game. And the amount of boot licking and kneecap sucking performed by Allen Iverson after the Sixers were eliminated was absolutely monumental.

–Steve Nash deserved the MVP, clearly. Dan Le Batard (Miami Herald columnist) is an idiot!

–How powerful is Commissioner David Stern? After he basically threatened Jeff Van Gundy with banishment, even I got scared.

–I’m going to reiterate how asinine it is that the first round lasts so long.

–Who’s bright idea (I’m being facetious) was it to have Magic Johnson in a “Law & Order” commercial?

–Watching Chris Webber play has become painful.

–I guess Ray Allen is serious about getting a $100 million contract next season.

–Watching the playoffs without the Lakers is as pointless as an unsharpened pencil. And yeah, I’m still salty.