Friday , Jun , 10 , 2005 C.Y. Ellis

For The Love Of Basketball 48th edition

Ding… Dong… the witch is dead.

Thank the Basketball Gods!!! Justice has been served.

The Heat have been eliminated and more importantly, Shaq lost.

Yeah baby!!!

Can you tell how excited I am? Well if you can’t, I’m ecstatic. I haven’t been so pleased at the result of a basketball game since the Lakers won their third straight title in 2002. And that’s saying something. Seeing Shaq walk off the floor with his head down, agonizing in defeat was beautiful.

Actually, it was hilarious!

LOL… LOL… LOL… LOL… LOL… (Laugh Out Loud)

All season long I heard Shaq take shot after shot at the Lakers organization, Kobe , and the city of Los Angeles . Now it’s my turn.

* Note: Please read with HEAVY sarcasm.

  • Where were you Shaq?
  • Didn’t you promise the city of Miami a championship?
  • I thought you were the real MVP?
  • Are you telling me a THIGH BRUISE slowed down the Big Bad Diesel?
  • Do you still believe that your current Heat team is the best squad you’ve ever played for?
  • I noticed despite ALL THAT WEIGHT you lost, defending the pick and roll still perplexes you.
  • I’m hearing that you weren’t happy with Stan Van Gundy’s play calling. Is that true?
  • Are you going to start finger pointing instead of FINALLY taking responsibility for your INABILITY to deliver when it mattered…TWO YEARS IN A ROW?
  • I thought it was all about you?
  • The most dominant big man of all time!!
  • You’ll never be as great as or greater than you were as a Laker.
  • Do you think that owner of yours will give you that hefty extension you’ve been CRYING about now that you didn’t live up to your end of the bargain?
  • If he doesn’t, will you act like a defenseless victim (again) and publicly insult him too?
  • Karma’s a mother ain’t it?
  • It looks like when it comes down to it, the Heat and the Lakers had the same end result.
  • How many rings do you have without Kobe again?
  • ZERO!!

Have a nice summer Big Fella, because you can be for sure I will.

Quick Thoughts

  • Larry Brown wearing the Red Wings jersey was a weak and disgusting attempt to take the attention away from his dishonorable courting of Cleveland .
  • Scott Skiles needs to lighten up; he’s not that good of a coach.
  • God forbid a lockout. Everybody pray about that.
  • I’m not feelin’ Andrew Bogut.
  • If it wasn’t for the Bulls, I’d have a perfect bracket thus far (see FTLB #45).