Saturday , Jul , 09 , 2005 C.Y. Ellis



Don’t just raise the roof; rip that thing right off! Unbelievable Wi-Fi connectivity lets you compete with your buddies head-to-head and wireless! Season mode has you hitting the hardwood for 82 games with management, simulation and more. Get up in your buddy’s grill with 3 killer mini games including the official Playstation Skills Challenge. Try to dominate in any of 6 different game modes including Practice, Season and Playoffs.

NBA for the PSPhandheld entertainment system will provide gamers with all the fast-breaks, precision passing, and above the rim action that fans have come to expect from their sport. Supporting up to two players via wireless multiplayer connectivity, NBA for the PSP will test the skills of all hoopsters with a variety of gameplay options including Full Season Mode.


  • Basketball simulation with 42 teams and 390 players to play as or against
  • 6 different game modes including Playoffs, Exhibition, and Practice
  • 3 challenging mini games; 38 unique arenas to play in; authentic playing gear
  • Skills challenge tests speed, agility, plus passing and shooting abilities
  • For one or multiple players via a second PSP system or Wi-Fi wireless hub